Thirty seven.

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I stood silently and walked outside her house.

I knew it wasn't the end of this fucking mystery. I had to know the truth.

The whole truth.

I opened my car and drive to my house, I need to see her.

I need to know if she's safe or not.

I was silently praying for a better result. I knew somethings wrong the moment my heart beated faster.

I drove as quickly as possible.

I had to see her.

I had to know that she's in good hands.

I tried to dial her phone but it was no use, she was out of reach. At that very moment I knew she was in trouble.

I knew we were all being played in his hands.

I knew he was suspicious the moment Jc bought him home, but it still doesn't make any sense.

How can JC approved? How did he manage to do all of this? Why would he do this?

As I passed the last street a black cat crossed the street and I accidentally bump it.

There was no use if I panic since it was already dead. I begin to cry, they say black cats are bad lucks.

I knew from that moment the story was just about to get more intense, and I couldn't handle it.

I was too tough for too long already, I think I was going to break down.

I parked infront of our house, I was crying and shaking and I didn't care if I look like a mess I just walk inside.

Shock to see her parents, her real parents.

Where's Kath? Where's Natasha?” I asked.

Her mom covered her mouth in shock.

How did you? Who?” She was out of words and I didn't care.

Please tell me where she is.” I pleaded.

She's out with the most dangerous guy in my imagination” Mr. Ted commented.

I tried to balance myself but all I did was slowly fall down.

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