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The two of us left the cave together and went in the car and started to drive to the college in Athens.

We passed by stores and malls and plazas then we finally arrived to the campus, we went out the door then the college was crowded, it was crazy town and we had a lot of trouble just getting from John's car to the doors of the building which I remembered my sister's office to be in.

We went in the doors and it was still noisy from outside but it was nearly empty in here except for a few people but we didn't mind them.

We went upstairs and we came to a room which had a sign which said 'Anna Andon' so after a deep breath we went in.

The moment my sister caught a glimpse of me she shouted "I knew you where one day gonna ask me for help!" I said "Okay, you where right, but we need your help, it's work.".

Anna sat down and said "Robert and John, take a seat." when we did she looked at us curiously then asked "You guys find fossils, what do you need me for?".

"You should come and see for yourself".

So the three of us got in John's car and we drove to terace hill in awkward silence which was broken by Anna by saying "Where are we going?"

I responded "Just wait, you'll see.".

When we arrived she asked, "What are we doing here?", John and I responded in harmony "You'll see." we all left the car and John lead the two Andons to the hole and she stood there still with an unsatisfied face.

John and I lead Anna to the hole and said "Come here, you should see this.".

She reluctantly went down the hole and into the cave then she gasped while shouting "Oh My Gosh!".

She was looking at the skeleton and weapons with an astonished face.

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