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Sierra's POV~

Desirre left to do the shopping and left me in charge of making the pizza bases.

Mistake 1) Allowing me into the kitchen unsupervised

Now, with most things, I'm the responsible one of the two of us. But when it comes to food and fashion, Ditz is your girl. You see, I have a food problem, I eat the guidline amount of food and everything but with certain foods I'm uncontrolable. I have.. abnormal? Yes, we'll go with abnormal, eating habits. For example, I eat cucumber like a child eats sweets. The main reason for this is because Desirre won't allow me to eat sweets by instruction of my Mum and Dad. I can eat it in moderation. Which leads me to Ditz' next mistake.

Mistake 2) leaving skittles on the bottom shelf of the cupboard in plain site.

So ofcourse, as any sugar deprived teen such a myself would, I ate the skittles. There is one very good reason we don't make sweetza often, me and Ditz both get very hyper after sugar.

So at this point I've ate 2 large bags of skittles and a litre of lemonade and my sugar high is taking it's course.

I heard a knock come from the door followed by a muffled voice asking me to let them into the house.

"OFCOURSE YOU CAN MRS DOOR, I'm think I'll name you Dory the Door." I announced pleased with myself, I swung open Dory to find a pissed off looking Ditz with 3 shopping bags. 

"SWEETZA! SWEETZA! SWEETZAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" I screamed excitedly.

"Are you drunk?" She asked. I shook my head. "Skittles?" she quizzed.

I began to grin at the memory of the multi-coloured sweets that I had eaten not so long ago.

"Calm down! Eat a cucumber!" I pouted knowing why she wanted me to eat the delicious vegetable. Or was it a fruit? Beats me.

"Well, if you can't beat them, join them." she called skipping to the kitchen.

I honestly don't think she meant to say that aloud. She tends to speak whatever she's thinking without realizing.

I'm not sure what she's doing but I bet I could guess. She skipped out of the kitchenette with a now empty packet of midget gems, a half filled 2 litre bottle of jelly babyaid that she probably only just opened and half a bag of gummy bears that she was currently eating.

Within a 10 minutes the gummy bears were gone aswell as wine gums and a tub of cookie dough ice cream. I looked at her in awe. How she eats so fast will always amaze me. How she never gains weight amazes me even more.

"Well, don't just stand there lets make some sweetzas!!!!!" she yelled in an octave higher than her usual voice.

"SWEETZA!!!!" I yelped.

We danced to the kitchen and examined our ingredients. Yum. I started mixing the dough mixture as Ditz began melting the chocolate.

"Let's not make pizza!" Des announced making me pout sulkily. "LET'S MAKE TWO SWEETZAS!!!"

I squeeled in excitement and continued in my floury pursuit, grinning wider than ever. We had finally finished both sweetzas and placed them in the oven with marshmellows evenly distributed.

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