A Faraway Love

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A Faraway Love

August 15, 2014

When you have that kind of love that is so ideal and yet it feels like you’re just dreaming again with your eyes wide open. You take a glimpse above where the sky is never been this clearer and the sun shines even brighter than it used to be. You begin to feel this warmth sentiment in which your lips curled leisurely upon taking another glance to something so magnificent and breathtaking but even so—everything is far away from you.


You don’t want to believe their gossips about ‘long distance relationship’ because for you, it’s still pure love. There is nothing wrong when you let your heart decides to fall in to someone that you usually can’t be with all the time.  They can’t understand you because they don’t know how you feel. They don’t know that even if both of you are thousand miles apart, your soul is connected to that person. It’s like your missing piece has already been found and whatever you do, that someone is the only person who can fill that kind of emptiness within.

It’s like you are walking in a hollow world for so long and then you just woke up one night and realized that you’re already home…  Your longing to belongingness, your journey to find your other half has already ended when you know that person by heart and not by eyes. When you try your best to let that love last no matter how many struggles you both are taking. When you become faithful and completely honest to a person that even you are shocked of what you are doing. When you feel excitement as you begin to hope that one day you will see each other and the more you think of it, the more it makes your day even more perfect. It’s when you try hard to make your life right just to make sure that when that someone sees you, there will be no disappointments.

It is love.

No matter what they will say, you still love that person.


What if it’s really not about the distance of time but it’s about the distance of miles apart?

Like it’s not really how many days you wait for the right one to come into your life but it’s about how many walks you take just to get near to the one you love...


I don’t know about perfect love. All I know is how to love right.

Stay faithful, completely honest, and love that person wholly, are big factors to keep that love lasts. Distance is never a hindrance and it won’t be a hindrance if you believe that the person you love is real. Near or far, people take risk when they fall in love, so why can’t you?

All I want to say is, you love God so much even if you haven’t meet him, so why can’t you love a person even if you know that one of these days you’ll meet each other?

Honestly speaking, you both are living in the same world, so it’s possible that one of these days, you’ll caught yourself in each other’s arms and there will be no more letting go.

Just love right. Because committing mistakes has no excuse to hurt a person just because that someone is far from you. It’s not your eyes that has feelings, it’s your heart.

And your heart alone.

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