Headcanons (authors note)

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Hi! I just wanted to state my headcannons for Karkat and my media if you ever want to contact me

My Karkat headcannons

• snuggle/cuddlemaniac

• 5"1

• He's tiny compared to everyone

• his horns are super adorable and sensitive.

• Insecure/ scared of people's reaction to his blood color

• He loves strawberries

• hates video games because he always loses

• curses frequently

• short temper

• red eyes with yellow corneas

• enjoys oversized turtlenecks because he can snuggle into them

• bulge headcanon: bright red bulge that looks like a tentacle (tentabulge) nook right beneath bulge

• loves to watch Romcoms on dates and will watch them in general because he enjoys them

• he purrs, scratches, hisses like a meowbeast. More catlike than nepeta.

• he gets nightmares a lot. Mainly of being left alone forever

• Karkat is such a scaredy-cat when it comes to horror related things.

• he is extremely scared of thunder. The loudness scares him badly

• he can cook but keeps that talent aside

• enjoys hacking other peoples accounts or computers but is not mean enough to make their computer explode *cough**cough* sollux

• I rp these ways :

" oh great it's fucking you!" Karkat exclaims with a frown. And : oh great it's fucking you!* Karkat exclaims with a frown *

• I do not like rping with OC's because they sometimes don't fit in a quadrant/relashonship with Karkat

• I rp other hs characters like John, Jake, Mituna, Kankri, Dave

• I do curse in rps so #triggerwarningyou

• I enjoy rping off of pictures

• sadstuck rps make me cry


• my media can be given out for wanting to rp with me whenever

Kik: kolrin143

So yeah there. If you ever message me or anything please tell me who you are. Like if you are from instagram tell me that. Or you are from wattpad tell me that.



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Gamkar fucking miracles

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Johnkat windynubs

Arasol honeymaid

There you go!

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