The Beginning

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The start of it all was due to the birth of a unique baby girl on a windy December night. Frost crept up the windows and snow was falling heavily. The mother gave a final push before she finally gave birth to her daughter. She was an absolute gem of a girl. With soft and shiny platinum blonde hair, smooth porcelain-like skin and eyes the shade of a blue diamond, she was bestowed the name Elsa.

On the same night, however, was the birth of a baby boy in another part of their hometown. Snow fell on the windowsill as icicles formed on the awning of their quaint but comfortable shelter. The loud cry of a baby alerted the people in the house and they rushed to the mother. In her arms was a brown-haired baby boy with beautiful and big brown eyes. His laugh was lively as ever as his aura spread playfulness and joy. He was given the name Jack, and it fit him quite well.

Little does the world know that with the birth of these two babies, it has awakened the most powerful evil being they could ever imagine. With malicious intentions and devious masterminds as his allies, he would stop at nothing to have the world in the palm of his hands.

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