Chapter 5 - The Truth

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Chapter 5 ---The Truth---


Damon slowly started getting up from where he had fallen on the ground. He groaned in pain and stretched his hands behind his back like he was testing his muscles. All the time, I looked at the scene in front of me with confusion, amazement and relief. Relief? Why was I feeling relieved? Maybe because were worried about him? The one who happens to be incredibly arrogant, cocky? And who is now standing in front of you after just been lit on fire?

Stupid inner voice, always showing up at the right times. My head was staring to hurt. I had so many thoughts running in my mind right now. I think I will be sick. I tried to get the questions out of my mouth, but I just sat there opening and closing my mouth like a stupid fish. I finally got the words out, but I wouldn't blame them if they didn't catch it. I don't think I even understand myself.

"Why the hell aren't you dead? Or maybe someone could answer me how you are not dead. Or even hurt. You are just standing there stretching like you had a rough workout at the gum. How it that possible?" I stammered out hurriedly. Elena and Bonnie had frozen where they were standing; looking at me like I was a lion or something out of its cage, in need to be treated carefully.

Damon chuckled lightly and smirked. "Workout? You could see me workout anytime you wanted. It doesn't have to be at a gum." He said suggestively and wiggled his eyebrows, still with a smirk on his face. Really? That's what you have to say?

"Damon." Elena said, as if she was scolding a child.

"Elena." He said back mockingly with that damn smirk of his.

"Take this seriously Damon. For one time. What are we going to do?" She asked, her eyes pointing at me. Damon shrugged lazily.

"Everything's going to be fine. After I compel her, she won't remember a thing." He said and then he seemed to correct himself. "Well, she will remember that she came here and had tons of fun. It's not like she will know we're vampires." He said dismissively. I stood there frozen, all the blood rushing from my face at his last words. Vampire? How is that possible? Yeah, because that is not dead after being on fire alive is possible? Lately, I had started taking in consideration all the myths about supernatural beings. But another kind of vampires? You've got to be kidding me. I can't believe it. I am turning crazy. No! They're the crazy ones. Vampire! Ha! Like that could be. Where are the red eyes or the yellow eyes? Where is the pale and hard skin? Huh?

I was so absorbed to my own thoughts, that I didn't see Damon walking towards mw. Now he was standing right in front of me. I could catch his masculine and sweet aroma again. What a time to smell someone huh? Not the best timing Bella!

"Relax Elena. No harm done. I compel her; we go home and tomorrow is a new day." He said as he was in front of me, while looking behind my shoulder at Elena. He then focused his gaze on me, looking at my eyes intently. He put each of his hands lightly on each side of my face keeping me in my place. I felt tingles on my skin, where he was touching me. I saw something pass to his eyes, like a thought crossed his mind or an emotion, but it passed away quickly. He held my gaze as I held his.

"You will not remember what happened here. You will just remember you went to the school carnival, had a lot of fun with your new friends and then you went home with Elena." He said in a monotone and commanding voice and I watched in confusion and awe, as his pupils dilated and then went to normal. Are you kidding me? What is this?

«Are you kidding me? What's this? Is it some kind of voodoo of your kind of vampires?" I said sarcastically, voicing my thoughts. I looked at Damon, Elena and Bonnie as they were looking at me in confusion. Damon looked confused at first, but then his expression turned to angry. He started looking and searching with his hands at my hands, neck, everywhere.

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