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We get through breakfast without a hitch. Julie seems to fit right in, the guys love her specially Shannon who's seems to be smitten by her. They both excuse themselves from the table for some quality time before the guys go to their first radio interview. Jared and Tomo are talking shop, I excuse myself for a bathroom break. I wash my hands in the sink, I get a little lightheaded but it passes. I head back to our table, I've only walked a few feet and feel his arms around me. He whispers in my ear "Why did you let him touch you? You're mine Nina" I gasp in shock Me:"Shannon!!! Have you lost your mind?" His lips dance on my neck. Ah shit ! Why is he turning me on S:"Do you have any idea how it feels when he rubs it in my face that your his" he turns me around and conquers my lips, his touch, his lips were so intoxicating, he backs me into the wall his body pressed up to mine he's hard as hell I can't breathe! Me:"Shannon, stop.....please!!!!" S:"I don't want to! Why should I?" He takes my lips again and I moan into his Me:"Mmmm..........I can't do this!" S:"Stop fighting it Nina give in to me" panic sets in, Jared.....Julie....... Me:"Where's Julie?" That's all it took he backs off, he turn his back to me and sighs deeply S:"Why did you have to bring her up?" Me:"Because you're falling for her and she's falling for you. She doesn't deserve this!" Fuck she was right! S:"You're right, She's hitting me like a fucken freight train but it doesn't change the way I feel about you, I still want you Nina" Me:"Shannon this is insane" S:"Please let me have you just once.....please" Me:"You know once would never be enough, and If we go down that road there's no turning back." S:"But it would be as easy as breathing with me" Me:"I know but right now it's not an option specially if......" We just look at each other in silence he knows I'm right. I touch his face and take his lips one last time he moans into my lips Me:"I've got to go" I leave him standing there and walk away.

I try to catch my breath I'm so out of it I walk right into Julie. J:"Hey watch where you're going missy!" Me:"Huh!!!Jewels!!! Hi, I'm sorry I'm such an idiot!" J:"Where were you just now?" I look over my shoulder nervously Me:"Back there" we both laugh. J:"Have you seen Shannon?" YES!!!!! Me:"Nnno......No why? I thought he was with you?" J:"He was but I had to take care of business back home, we were supposed to meet back up but he hasn't showed" S:"Looking for me?" He puts his hand on my back as he pulls Julie in with the other and conquers her lips. The touch of his hand sends a shutter through my body I look up and see his lips on hers and I ache. I want his lips again but they are no longer mine I take my bruised ego and walk back to Jared.

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