Kayelin’s P.O.V:

I'm fast asleep in my bed when my phone, on my nightstand goes off. Struggling to even get my eyes open, I roll over and look at the clock, 1:56 am. Who the fuck is calling at 2 am?

I look down at my iPhone and see that it's an unknown caller. I start to wonder if it's just those telemarketers or if it's a prank caller.

Not knowing what to do, I pick it up anyways.

"Hello?" I clear my throat.

"Hi, my name is Officer Mark. I have a guy here who's locked up for the night and claims to be your boyfriend, Connor Listings. Is this true?" The officer spoke loud and clear.

"Um, yes that is correct but I hate to say this, but is this a prank caller because I'm pretty gullible and I don't need to be waken up for something that is not true." I carefully explain nervously.

"Ma'am, this is not a prank. You'd want to come down to the station to see for yourself if i's a prank or not." He explains.

"No, I believe you. I'll be by shortly." I mumble and end the phone call.


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