Mini Slayer! Prt 1

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{Alright leaves! A multi chapter comin up, MirAxus, nalu, and gale}

General P.O.V

It was another normal day at Fairy Tail, brawls, flying furniture and beer all around. "Come on Happy!" Natsu called as he ran to the request board. He looked over at the different requests. Since the Magic Games they had increased so he took his time looking. He snatched one with a grin. "How bout this one!" he showed it to Happy. "Read and decipher for J50,000? Natsu havnt you learned not to do those? Remember when we all switched bodies?" Happy asked. Natsu grinned and pat his head. "Don't worry little buddy, it's fine!"

He sat on a table where Lucy, Gray, Erza, Levy and Gajeel were sitting. "Natsu what are you doing?" Lucy asked. He grinned and waved the flyer before he started to read it. Levy gasped, "Natsu don-!" but it was too late. As he finished reading and blinding light filled the guild. Everyone shielded their eyes until the light faded. Once they could see they all gasped. "Ha! Look at you Metalface! Your tiny!" "Look at yourself Salamander!"

Two six year old dragon slayers in now too big clothes glared at each other. They looked like they shrunk, though Gajeels hair was now very short, an their voices matched their ages. Levy groaned. "I tried to stop you..." "What exactly is that spell?" Lucy asked as she easily held Natsu back from fighting Gajeel. "It's a spell that turns the caster, and anyone in the immediate area with the same magic, and well," she motions to the two children. "Well Wendy is on a job, so she wouldn't be affected." Erza said as she thought. "Is Laxus here?" Lucy asked. As if on cue a now six year old Laxus stood at the top of the stairs, lightning shooting off of him. Everyone pointed at Natsu while inching away from him seconds before he is electrocuted.

"Looks like you've got yourself in a spot of trouble again Natsu." The master said as he stood beside Laxus on the stairs. Natsu grumbled slightly as he rubbed his head. "Levy is there a way to reverse the spell?" he asked the bluenette. She sighed. "I will have to do some research master. I'll go now." she said as she stood. Gajeel stood and she tried so hard not to laugh as she looked down at him in his oversized clothes. "I'm coming with you shrimp." he said. She couldn't help but grin,"Im not the shrimp anymore am I?" He growled lightly. "Well you can't exactly go with her in those." Mirajane said as she pointed at his clothes. He groaned. "Well why don't we take them all some clothes so that they don't look so ridiculous." Lucy said.

"What was that bunny girl?!" Gajeel snapped but Levy simply pat his head. "Relax Gajeel, come on let's go. "She said as she headed for the doors. The group at the table stood and followed her out. Mira simply giggled as Laxus also followed them out. "Arnt they cute?"she said as she looked at the master and he simply laughed. "This is going to be fun!"

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