Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

“So how are you today?”

This is the question I hear everyday since I moved. I guess it’s because they want to know I’m okay but it gets a little repetitive. I mean why can’t the change it a up every once on a while. Maybe to something like ‘Wassup my foshizzle’ or ‘Is it all good in the hood ma hommie’ just to you know spice things up.

“I’m fine” I reply to Mrs. Harrison, the school counsellour

“How’s school?”

“Good.” This back and forth question and answer continues for another hour until my sessions is over.

“Now Layla, if you need to talk please come see me” she says and offers a comforting smile.

“Will do” I salute while closing the door.

I glance down at my watch and see that I’ve still got 5 minutes before my next class starts. I make my to my locker to get my books the next class which is sadly geography. Seriously why do I need geography, when am I ever going to need map skills, I barely leave the house as it is! I reach my locker and about to spin the dial of my lock when I hear a cry of pain and a loud thump. I run to the end of the corridor and look around the corner. What I see next doesn’t surprise me. Mason Woods the school’s “tough guy”. He's 18 which is a year older than me, 6ft4, black messy hair, striking grey eyes that no one ever dares  look at, piercing on his eyebrow,snake bites and fairly muscular. He's wearing a black graphic tee that cling to his muscles and perfectly fitted dark wash jeans. He has a student pinned to the ground with his hands tightly gripped around the collar of the poor boys shirt. It’s obvious that Mason has already landed a few punches on the poor boy. The boy begins to speak with an evil smirk plastered on his face. I try to listen in but I’m not close enough to hear. It mustn’t have been good because Mason lands another few punches, knocking the kid out. Okay I think the kid’s suffered enough now.

“Alright that’s enough,” I shout at Mason. He stops throwing punches and turns around to look at me.

“I think he’s had enough, Mason” I say staring at the unconscious boy.

“I beg to differ” Mason mutters

“Hm, did you say something”?

“Nothing” Mason mumbles pushing past me.

“Jerk” I say under my breath. Well shit what am I gonna do with the kid. Stupid Mason leaving before cleaning up his mess. I kick the boy in the side lightly. Yep, definitely unconscious. I sigh and walk to the nurse’s office.

“Hey Debra” I greet as I walk into the office.

“Oh, Hi Layla little early aren’t we?” Debra replies

“No, I’ll be back for my meds later,” I say, “It’s about an unconscious boy in the corridor”

“How bad?” she asks

“Probably a broken nose and bruises, nothing too bad”

“Alright I’ll get someone on it, thanks Layla”

“No problem,” I say, “I’ll see you soon I guess”

“Bye Layla” Debra says smiling.


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