Chapter 14

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"Mam, I need to go." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and smiled at me. I grab my things and swung it on my shoulder.

"See you soon yea." She winked making me smile. I open the door and got out of the car closing the door behind me. I both look sideways before crossing the stree and walked to the gates where I saw the mean girls again so I kept my head down.

"Oh the skeleton girl's here" I hear them laugh but I ignored themand continue to walk but this time it was faster.

Finally, the bell rang signalling the first class. I walk through the hallways to my next class hoping it will went well and the girls will just leave me alone.


I've been doodling here on my notebook still my hood on to avoid the glares I'm getting from the girls. Honestly, I'm not really listening to the teacher and just zoned out and thinking how am I gonna live with thus set up. I'm already regretting my decision on going here. When Ms. Lopez told me about school, she forgot to mention the bad stuffs, one of them are the bullies.

I rest my head on my arms that are rested on the table and close my eyes. I wish I just stuck up with home school rather than to be picked up all day and isolating myself from anyone else. Ugh! I wish Emily was here at least I have someone to talk to.

I snap back into reality when I heard cheers and applause making me frown and look up and what I saw bring the smile back to my face. Relief washes over me.

"Ms. Cole chose this class for her to observe." Mam looked at me and raised her brows a bit and I think she's telling me something and I got it so I looked at the mean girls who are all giddy with their grins on their faces just looking at mam making me smirk. I knew it. I looked at mam again and she gave me a small nod and started to talk.

"Hi, I'm so honored to be here..." Mam gave a small speech. After that she walk to the back of the class and sat on the other side of the room. I watched the mean girls as they look at my mam then started whispering like excited kids on their birthdays making me sick. Their personlity is not good, they're only acting nice cause she's a celebrity. Suddenly, the blonde one caught my stare and she raised her brow and rolled her eyes at me making me turn away from her as I heard laughing.

I returned to the same position at ge same time, my phone buzzed so I took it out of my pocket and saw a text from mam.

Mam: Are you okay? I'm two seconds in telling those girls off. They can't do this to you.

I smile at her concern at least someone's on my side today.

Me: I'm fine mam, You're here to observe not to tell them off. Thanks for coming though.

Mam: I have to. I can't let them say things and hurt my little girl.

Me:  I love youXx

Mam: Love you too babeXx

I smiled and turn my head to the other side so I was looking at her. She caught my eye and winked at me with a small smile on her face.

"Ms. Davis" I hear the teacher says making me look up and saw all of them are looking at me.

"Can you solve the equation, on the board." I looked at the board and saw an equation and I immediately know how to do it so I stood up and made my way in front.



I hear words like that but I ignored them all and just tried to solve the equation as quick as I can. After I wrote my final answer, I quickly made my way to the back again and try to take it all in the words that they'll say to me.

"Nerd corpse." The blonde girl said making them laugh loud at the same time mam stood up making me stop in my tracks just looking at her. Oh no, She's fuming.

"What's so funny?" She asks calmly and I just stood there not knowing what to do. The class went quiet even the teacher is just staring at mam.

"I don't know what good manners your parents teach you but I think what you're doing is disrespect." I slowly look around and saw them just silent and staring at mam. The girls has frowns on their faces, I think they know that mam is addressing what she says to the class.

"And I don't have time for this." She says as she went to my chair making my eyes widen. She started putting my stuff on my bag so I quickly walked to her grabbing her wrist making her look at me.

"What're you doing?"

"We're going home." She whispers and I stood there as she continue on what she's doing creating murmurs in the class. She swung my bag on her shoulder and starts walking away leaving me dumbstruck.

"Maxene.." I look up as I hear whispers and saw everyone looking at me also the girls glaring at me.

"Maxene come on. I'm taking you home and stick to home school" I slowly nodded and walked to mam putting my head down as I pass my classmates as I feel their eyes on me. I walked to mam as she puts her arm around me.

"No one talks to my daughter that way and no one, I mean no one can hurt her" She hissed and I hear gasps as mam held my hand and we started walking out of the room.

"You okay?" I look up to her and stop in my tracks making her stop and face me.

"I love you" I hugged her tight and felt kisses on top of my head.

"I love you too pet." I look up to her with tears in my eyes. She's my angel. She just saved me from the bullying and I'm so lucky she's my mam.

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