Chapter 30: The Book

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River P.O.V

"Oh Remus, of course I'm not angry! I understand!" I tell him, shaking my head. "Okay.. Well thank you for understanding." Remus says quietly. Having just told me about being a werewolf, Remus is quiet and shy for the next ten minutes as I walk around the grounds with James, Sirius, Peter and him. "My only problem is, I feel like I want to help you. I mean, I am you're sister, I want to help out. Y'know?" I ask. The four of them nod, sitting under the shade of their tree near the lake. "Any ideas?" James asks. "Not one." Peter says quietly, looking at me apologetically. "Neither do I." James mutters, frowning thoughtfully. "You could.. Bring us chocolate afterwards." Peter suggest hopefully, but I frown at him, shaking my head. Three girls walk past us, giggling and hiding their faces in their hands. I roll my eyes, resisting the urge to glare at the three of them. Sirius grins and gives them the thumbs up, smirking at them. The three girls dissolve into giggles, running away. "Wow." I say shortly. "Wow what?" Sirius asks me, looking hurt. "They're so immature! Falling at you're feet and acting like you're so perfect!" "Well.. I am." Sirius grins. I sigh "You're hopeless." James jumps up, grabbing Peter at the same time, who stumbles to his feet. "We have to go get something, wait here!" James runs away with Peter following. "I should go see what he'll they're about to raise." Remus mutters, running after them. "So those girls." Sirius says, turning back to me. "Mh?" I ask. "They really bothered you?" "No! They didn't bother me! I just.. Think they're incredibly immature." I finish. Sirius raises his eyebrows. "Jealous?" He asks. "No!" I splutter, hitting him on the arm. "I think you are." "Am not." "Are too." "Am not." "Are too." "AM NOT." And I never get to explain why I'm not jealous, because Sirius grabs my waist, pulls me closer, and in one quick move, kisses me. It's gentle and passionate, the way Sirius kisses, and I 100% melt. After a while, when I pull back slightly, Sirius smirks. "Are too." "Am-" "Hey, we got it!" James yells, running towards us with Remus, Peter and a book.

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