The escape- Kidnapping story

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Hi my name is Grace Hastings and I was kidnapped.

I wasn't the most popular girl at my school as cliché as it can get I was the one that sat on my own in the cafeteria and not surprisingly I walked home by myself. The walk home was around 10-15 minutes; not too long for me but what I didn't realise was that it would take longer than that to get home today.  It's scary how one minute you're safe and the next you're not, one day there's a house then it's gone, poof.

As I was walking a white van approached me, as I was told by my parents 'never talk to strangers' I jogged straight so that I wasn't so much in danger. This white van kept on slowly following me where ever I go. I started to panic and sprint away from the van. Of course that didn't work; the van was way faster than me it was catching up. My heart was pounding, I reached into my bag to grab my phone I again realised I had left my phone at home.

Now I no longer see the van. No one is around, just a road with barley anything on it. *10 minutes away from home.* I'm less worried now, every now and then I turn back to see if a white van comes through. As I turn to see I any vans come through I see a man. He speed walks up to me and grabs me. His hand over my month as the same white van pulls up, the slide door open and I get chucked in like some kind of suit case.

The man that put me in the van tied me up to the door handles. I looked around and there was only a driver which I didn't see his face and the man that threw me in here.

The van stopped and the doors opened. The first thing I thought about doing was to run away out of the car. I then realised what street I was on I was now *7 minutes away from home.* Making a run for it doesn't seem to work when your legs a tied together.  The same man that threw me into the van was pushing me into the house and making sure I didn't try to run away again. All these thoughts ran through my head all at the same time, what will happen to me? Will I die?

The driver left and I was left with my kidnapper. As we got into the house I stood and looked at everything in the house. This house was very old... Wasn't the nicest or the cleanest house though I wasn't surprised at all.  I've seen this house before, I pass this street everyday as I walk home. I didn't get that long to look, the man then forced me into a room the stairs. The room was very simple, a bed and a table. There were no lights in this room and no windows. I decided to sit on the bed, or should I call it my bed since they are probably planning on keeping me here for a while.

I then looked at the wall, there must have been someone here before me because there was a whole big enough that I could look through and see the other room so I looked. When I looked in through the whole the room looked like mine but then I got a shock when a boy looked through the whole as well assuming he saw me looking.

This kid had light blonde hair and had bruises on his face. "I saw you coming in; it's cruel what they do here. I'm Sam." He said.

"They just took me; I never thought it would happen to me, well no one does until it happens. It's scary. My names Grace, Grace Hastings." I replied.

"I got here a few days ago. I have a plan how to get out but it's never been the right time. I am planning on getting out here tonight. If you want to survive you should come. I barely survived yesterday. Beaten and bruised."

"What's the plan? I don't want to die."

"There's a window in the bathroom next to your room. If you get to the bathroom tonight then you can get out, the only problem is that the window is locked. I did see a key in the kidnapper's room on top of one of his draws. We need to get that key to finally get out of here. "

Sam turned to the side in shock he was looking at our kidnapper.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing. Just sitting"

The kidnapper slammed the door and walked straight past my room. I'm defiantly getting out tonight. I have to. I thought to myself.

*Two hours later*

I woke up to the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. The footsteps stop, I look up and see my kidnapper holding a plate.

"Get up."

I lift myself off of the bed and walk over to my kidnapper.

"Take this."

He says as he pushes the plate onto my chest. I sneak a smirk at him but his face stays straight.

I look down at the plate just to see a hot dog in bread. Only if he knew I was allergic to hot dogs... I look back up "um I'm allergic to hot dogs."

He turns back around and slightly starts laughing "This isn't hotel room service hunny" as he turns back around and jogs down the stairs. I pick up the bread and just look at it, what if I don't get any more food after today? I have to eat it if I want to survive. I thought to myself as I walk over to my bed and sit on it.

All I can do is just staring at the wooden ground. All these emotions, all these thoughts juts run past my head, I start to cry the tears are filling up and blurring my vision.  Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Why is he doing this to me? I keep thinking to myself.

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