The phone call

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Phoebe's POV

I walked to the phone, hesitant.

I sighed in relief. It was our friend from school, Evelyn.

'Can I get it?' I asked quietly.

Esme nodded and Carlisle turned to me.

'Not a word of our...situation, alright?' He said, smiling.

I pressed the call button.

'Pheebs?' Evelyn asked.

'Hey Ev.' I said.

'Hey! How's Spoons?' She asked jokingly.

'Very funny. It's Forks, not spoons. I already tried that on our first day, the locals weren't amused.'

Evelyn laughed. 

'What time is it at home?' I asked.

'Half 1. Why? What time is it there?' She replied.

'Half 9. I still amn't used to the time difference yet.'

'When are you coming home?' She asked.

I gulped. I looked at Carlisle and Esme in sheer terror, waving my hands in a "What will I do?" gesture.

Esme flitted over to me.

'Tell her 'soon enough'.' She said quietly.

'Soon enough, Ev' I said, my voice cracking.

'Yeah like, what date? I haven't seen you in forever!' She gushed.

'Ummm I don't know. I haven't checked the tickets. Look I have to go. Love you.' I said.

'Love you too Pheebs. Talk to you later.'

'Right. Bye bye bye bye.' I said, doing the very Irish "multiple goodbyes" 

I put the phone down and turned to face my new family.

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