Luke's P.O.V:

"FUCK EVERYTHING!" I scream into the house. I slam the front door with force. I didn't realize that Ashton and Michael were home.

"Luke why you here? I thought you were at school..." Ashton says. I look up at him and see that he's only in his boxers.

"What is this?" I question looking at Michael who was shirtless.

"It's our house too you know." Michael grins cheekily.

"Whatever..." I scoff sitting on the couch.

"Forget about us. What happened to your eye?" Ashton asks.

"Kayelin’s boyfriend happened." I groan heading into the kitchen for an icepack.

"Oh." Michael said, "Why is that?"

"Connor is just a fucking bastard. I can treat Kaeylin soo much better than that prick. And she doesn't see that! She's so lovestruck!" I blurt, "It just isn't working out how I wanted it to be. Now I'm with a nerdy kid for lab partners just because he's 'jealous' of some chemistry that will go on. And I don't mean the science kind." 

"Does Kaeylin feel ok with all this happening?" Ashton questions.

"I dunno. She's like in the middle of everything. I don't expect her to choose sides but she supports Connor quite a bit." I scoff.

"That's because he's her boyfriend. You can't do anything there." Michael points out.

"I know... But, I think--" I stop in my sentence.

"You think what?" Ashton scoffs chuckiling, "Yeah, you can't just go off and be with Kaeylin. She's taken man. That's not cool." 

"--I think I'm in love with her." I confess.

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