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The following morning we meet Julie and the guys for breakfast Tomo is at the buffet getting food. Julie and Shannon are stealing kisses and giggling. I turn to Jared and we both smile, Me:"Someone's getting along" Jared:"Sure looks that way" and we kiss. To Julie, Me:"Morning love bug" Julie:"Nina!" She gives me a tight hug Jared"Someone's happy" Julie"Yeah we are" Me:"Wait, did you two..." Julie:"No. He was a perfect gentleman" Jared raises an eyebrow in shock Jared:"My brother, Shannon, a gentleman?" S:"Really Jared, really? You know Nina doesn't know every little thing about you I can always enlighten her." Jared:"Why don't you just mind your own." S:"Likewise little brother" Me:"Jared, Baby! Is there anything you want to tell me?" Jared:"There's nothing to tell baby, Shannon's just talking out of his ass" S:"Am I ?"

Julie:"Okay that was interesting! So how are you two love birds doing?......" She spots the love mark on my neck and gasps "......or do I even have to ask?" and she scratches her neck. Shannon catches on and he isn't amused. S:"Marking your territory little bro? A little infantile don't you think?" We all look at Shannon, I give him a death look then look at Julie and back at him. Jared:"What I do and don't do with my girlfriend is really none of your concern." S:"Just saying no need to take it personal" Me:"Both of you stop!!!!!!! Could we not do this at the breakfast table" we take our seats Julie takes her place next to Shannon, that beautiful smile that covered her face is gone, damn you Shannon. He leans in to kiss her but she turns away S:"What's wrong baby?" Julie:"Do you still have a thing for Nina?" Shannon looks at her in shock he knows he's fucked up, with her and me. S:"No baby of course not! I was just making an observation, Jared and I've never liked our women with love marks it just surprises me that Jared would have a lapse in judgement that's all." She looks at Jared then me, as if to say what do I do? Me:"I'm sorry baby doll" to Shannon "I've just missed him so much I .....we" not that I owed him any explanations but I had to save face in front of Julie, I had to protect her. S:"You have nothing to be sorry about sweetie it's not your fault" he glares at Jared and turns his attention back to Julie, he caresses her cheek and turns on the charm S:"I'm really sorry baby, forgive me?" She leans in to his touch but remains silent, Shannon goes in for the kill He kisses her lips sweetly "I've just found you, I don't want to loose you, please baby, say we're ok" Julie can't help but listen to her heart, Julie:"Ok" he smiles S:"Thank you baby"

Jared is still upset, I gently turn his face to me "I love you baby" Jared:"I love you too, so much" and kisses me deeply. T:"Well isn't this a pretty picture!!!!! Lucky for you Vicki's coming or I'd be seriously hating you guys right now!" S:"Wow you're good Tomo!! She's not even here and....." Jared and I look at him in shock, we respond to him in unison Me & Jared:"SHANNON!!!!!" Shannon chuckles like a little kid and looks at Tomo S:"Sorry man I couldn't help myself" and he hides behind Julie, T:"you're such a comedian Shannon" I couldn't help but chime in Me:"Shannon, so when does that special air again?" S:"Ha ha, real funny Nina" we all laugh Jared:"So when is she coming in Tomo?" T:"Tomorrow mid morning which reminds me, Nina do you think you and Julie can pick her up at the airport? The guys and I will be doing back to back interviews so I won't t be able to sneak away" Me:"Sure of course sweetheart, no problem" T:"Thanks sweetie I really appreciate it"

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