Entry #12

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August 15, 2014, Friday

Remember MM? I thought I had moved on but this dream just had to happen.

I dreamt I was in school. My elementary school. And she was teaching there (weird). Well, she was actually singing. A love song. And she was walking while singing. When she got to the part where the song says, "...the one for me" something (I don't really remember the words), she stopped right in front of me and held my clenched hand. (I don't know why it's clenched, but it was a good thing) I smiled and I think I blushed. Then I remembered that she was married. So I bowed my head to look away from her and I felt I was about to cry. I don't remember why but she was gone and I felt that she just gave up.

Well, it was just a dream. I know it's not and will never be true.

Happy dreams only make you sadder when you know that it will never come true.

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