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It's late and Shannon starts walking Julie to her room. J:"Thank you for walking me back" S:" You're welcome. I hope I haven't bored you." J:"No you haven't, actually I don't even think it's possible" he smiles and they continue to walk. He loves the feel of her hand in his S:"What are you thinking" J:"'s just.......your different than I imagined" S:"How so!" Julie looks at him and giggles J:"You looked like the kind of guy that knows what he wants and goes after it. I wasn't expecting you to be such a gentleman" S:"Oh, so you were expecting a man hoe is that it?" He laughs Julie can't help but laugh with him J:"No, just one of those guys that takes money from lonely old ladies and spends the evening with them" S:"So now I'm a prostitute.....funny" they laugh again she just couldn't resist J:"So how much do you charge?" He looks at her like really? S:"Oh you could never afford me and even if you could I don't think that pretty little body of yours could handle me" she blushes, God he was turning her on J:"Oh you don't know what I can handle" he raises and eyebrow S:"Is that an invitation?" J:"Maybe! Would you take it if it was?" S:"Maybe" fuck he wants her bad. they step inside the elevator, why does she makes him so nervous just kiss her already! Instead he pulls her in front of him and holds her from behind. She leans against him and enjoys the feel of her body pressed up against his, fuck he's hard as hell. She closes her eyes and tries not to moan. They reach their floor Shannon leans in close and whispers in her ear sending a shutter through her body "Ladies first" and they step out and walk past his and Tomo's room to hers. She tries not shake as she unlocks the door, he plays with her hair and stares at her intensely but doesn't make a move.

Usually this is the point where she would throw out a fishing line but with Shannon she couldn't bring herself to speak S:"Thanks for tonight it was nice" Julie:"Yes it was, thank you" they stood there in awkward silence, neither one wanted to say goodnight S:"So I guess I'll see you tomorrow" J:"Yeah, tomorrow" only now does she realize he's still holding her hand she takes a chance and tugs gently at his hand. He looks into her eyes and brings her hand to his lips S:"Good night Julie" the feel of his lips on her hand send another shutter through her body she wants his lips on hers but dares not take them. J:"Goodnight Shannon" he walks back to his room she stands for a bit feeling disappointed. He's only walked a few feet and thinks to himself don't leave her like this he stops, looks behind his shoulder and calls her name S:"Julie!!!" under his breath "mother fuggen freight train" she hears her name, stops, and waits. He doubles back pull her in his arms and conquers her lips. She puts her arms around him and enjoys his kiss. She wanted more but didn't dare ask. S:"I've been wanting to do that all night J:"I'm glad you did" His lips dance on hers for what seems like forever then he smiles at her "I'll see you tomorrow" J:"See you tomorrow" one last kiss and he heads to his room with a happy heart. Julie goes into her room closes the door and brings her fingers to her lips and feels his kiss again. She wants desperately to call Nina but changes her mind, she's probably asleep or busy with

Jared. It can wait till morning.

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