Chapter 7. the New boy!

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Maddy's p.o.v

I woke up great today, I feel kinda like a new person but the same at the same time, of course the memories flowed back but I didnt care..

Today I hope is gonna be a good day.

After I finished getting dressed I grabbed a pear and jet out the house, my mom was already gone cause somtimes she has to leave extra early.

I walked in the school and went to my locker as usual.

I shut it with my books in my hands.

as I was walking to class I looked down to the ground.

suddenly I felt a huge wall and fell backwards landing on my ass.

I expected to see luke or michael standing there laughing at me like the jerks they were.

but instead I looked up to find a really cute Brown haired boy with nerd glasses and a grey beanie standing in front of me biting his lip and bending down.

"Oh my God im so sorry, I was just walking to science and I crashed into you-"

I shook my head

Its alright no need to worry, and I have the same class, Mrs. underlee?"

he nodded and helped me up

he grabbed my books and smiled as he handed them to me. I saw his dimples show it was cute.

"Hey im Zach. "

I smiled "Im maddy"

"So Maddy do you wanna walk to class together?"

I smiled and grabbed his hand

"id love to"

I looked around and saw a couple kids starring at us.

we started walking and I asked

"so are you new?"

he smiled and nodded

"we moved here from Pennsylvania".

"Oh my gosh thats so dope".

"eh its not that great of a place if you want me to be completely honest".He shrugged

"Whatever!" I playfully pushed him.

we walked into class and immediately got starred at by the students in the classroom.

I looked around and gulped my eyes met with Michael's and he looked heated.

I looked down and pulled Zach's hand to Mrs.underlee's desk.

"hello, are you Zach Miller our new student?"

He nodded.

they started chatting and

I glanced at the students.

some of them we're snickering and pointing down.

I looked down to find that our hands were still entertwined.

my cheeks turned red but I didn't untangle our hands, I kinda liked the attention, it was making people mad and I loved when they were pissed at me bieng happy, it gave me strength for some reason.

they finally finished and she told him

"there's a spot right next to maddy, I see you two are already comfortable judging by your hands, but sit there for today and we'll see how it goes from there".

she sat down again and began her lesson, I felt starred at through the walk, our hands still together, never separating.

I looked down and saw a foot infront of me.

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