Gag.Ü Diaries

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Kung may Princess Diaries,




Aba!!! Meron ding Gag.Ü Diaries.

Hahaha. Puno ng ka.Ewanan. kaEchusan.

May Maichismis lang. Boom boom pow!!

So here it goes, I mean..

let's start to read some weird diaries of the students/admins in a particular group namely GAG.UNiVERSiTY.. ;))

-A school in text that is composed of pretty and handsome enrollees as well as the admins. ü hahaha!

Wanna be a part of our 'Mejo-Super Weird So-Called School?' Cmmn! PM me. ;">


Everyday 'to, 6pm onwards.

It's a part of our Textivity in a day everyday kasi. gets ba? ;D

Tara makichismis! Haha. Ü

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