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Stella and I had stayed up most of last night just talking and laughing and kissing.

When we had finally fell asleep the morning had rolled around quicker than either of us wanted it to.

We both got dressed before going downstairs, meeting my mum in the lounge as she smiled at us and then smiled us even brighter when she noticed our intertwined hands, wiggling her eyebrows while stella giggled.

"good morning you two, is there something you have to tell me?" my mum pressed as stella giggled even more.

"well karen, i now have the wonderful pleasure of calling myself this idiots girlfriend," stella smiled brightly, snuggling into my side as my mum literally squealed.

"yes! I've been rooting for mella since day one" she gushed as me and stella looked at each other before laughing.

"mum, what the hell is mella?" i asked, confused.

"it's your ship name and don't you dare deny that you don't like it. it's the best i could come up with" mum shrugged, giggling to herself.

"it sounds like a new brand of nutella which has gone wrong" i shrugged as stella stifled out a giggle.

we were cut off of our banter when the door bell started ringing over and over again.

"i've got it" i smiled as i stood up, rushing over to the door and opening it, only to go to slam it in the persons face again.

"you know son, that's really not a nice way to welcome your dad back now is it?" he said, laughing dryly.

"it is if the person on the otherside of the door is a dickhead" i hissed.

"nice to see you again son" he chuckled, stepping inside as i glared at him.

"who is it michael?" my mum called out as i heard footsteps behind me followed by a gasp.

"why are you here?" my mum asked, as he just shrugged and went to move closer towards her.

"fuck off" i seethed as he smirked and continued to walk further into the house.

"oh, i'm just checking up on the old family, you know haven't seen either of you in a while" he smiled, as i shook my head.

"well this is a great family reunion and all but can you fuck off now?" i asked as he shook his head.

"i think you need to learn to keep your mouth shut son" my dad whispered as it was now my turn to shake my head.

"now, you see tom, your threats don't affect me anymore and to be honest i don't care but what i do care about is the fact that you are still in my mothers house so if you could so kindly fuck off now, that would be absolutely great" i hissed as my dad laughed dryly, making his way towards the door.

"okay son, you're making a huge mistake right now, you understand? a huge one" tom shook his head, looking at me and my mum, smirking.

"oh, have i? what a shame, well it's an even bigger shame that i couldn't give a fuck. now adios, dickhead" i sneered, shutting the door on his face and turning and giving my mum a huge hug as stella came out of the living room, smiling at me.

"did he say anything to you?" i asked, rushing over and making sure you're okay.

"he said something about me being too pretty to be your girlfriend, so i told him where to stick it" stella shrugged as i laughed.

"well done stel, see this is why you're the best girlfriend like ever" i smiled as i kissed her forehead.

"MELLA FOREVER" my mum screamed before running off like a child as we both stood there laughing.

(( okay so karen is my fav and she is basically me. so idk whether this is drama and i'm sorry i don't do arguments so that's why it was a pretty shitty one but oh well. hope you liked and i think tom is a dickhead ok:-(:-)) love you all, meg xxx ))

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