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"Good luck," Reese whispers to me as I pass her.

I smile wryly and nod to her. The door leading into the simulation room opens automatically and I step in. Effie gives me an assuring smile.

I try to keep my face blank to match my mind that's about to be exposed to my greatest fear.

It's only a simulation. It's only a simulation.

The crystalline light above me flickers before darkening the room entirely, blanketing my eyes like I've suddenly gone blind.

It's not real. It's only a simulation.

The rhythm of the train clicking on the tracks suddenly vanishes. I frown in the darkness, confused.

The door suddenly opens. My eyes widen in horror when I see it.

A golden key.

The room around it is completely dark, as only one light shines in the room, and that's over the key resting in a tray on a metal trolley. I take a step towards it.

The light suddenly vanishes and I'm blinded once more. A faint metal-screeching noise, like a very squeaky train brake, comes from behind and I turn around in alarm. I feel my heart begin to hammer against my ribcage.

I don't want to die.

Another sound pierces my ears; a faint devilish giggle.

That's no ordinary person laughing.

I suddenly gasp loudly, covering up my mistake with a slap of my hand. I can feel my eyes widen, even though there's no mirror or light in the room. Am I even in a room anymore?

The scuffling of tiny footsteps approaches me very quickly. I scream as soon as I'm 100% certain it's owner is breathing in my face, though I cannot feel any given of exhaled heat.

A light flickers on and once again I'm in the room near the key.

Fear #1: Noises in the dark.

I exhale with relief and peer around me. What is going on here? Is this some sort of challenge? Maybe - maybe I've got to face my greatest fears to reach the key. But what use does the key have to me?

I take in a deep breath. What else could possibly scare the living daylights out of me? I raise my foot, just when another one of my fears bursts into mind. And before I can think think this over,

I take another step.




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