Im Yours Forever

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Part 20

Ross' POV

Alex kept calling me but i kept ignoring the calls,she was probably really worried,she probably thought i was cheating or something but i would never do that to her.She'll under stand why i was ignoring her soon enough.

Alex's POV

"Maybe ill wait a while and then ill try again".I went to my locker and started getting my things,as i was getting my things out i felt two strong arms wrap around my waist,i froze i was hopping it wasn't Jonathan.Jonathan is a guy who has liked me since he saw me and he was pretty much a pedophile he always had ways to get close to me.I felt hot breath on my neck,i was to scared to turn but i had to,i turned to see someone amazing "ROSS" i yelled at the top of my lungs,i jumped on him and gave him a huge hug and kiss "someones very exited" he said "of course i am i haven't seen you in two weeks besides facetime and skype" i said smiling from ear to ear "true,so is school over?" He asked me "yes it is" i told him "do you want to do something like go to your house or maybe my house" he said "i don't care my parents aren't home there out on business" i told him "i think my house".We got to Ross' house and went and sat on the couch,the whole time we spoke about how tour was and how school was.After we finished talking we ordered pizza and watched a lot of movies when one of the movies finished Ross and i were talking a bit more "you know when you were ignoring me i thought you......" I was to scared to say it "what did you think?" He asked "i-i uh....." I couldn't say it "did you think i was cheating?" He asked,i put my head down and nodded i felt my eyes start tearing i thought he was gonna kill me for thinking that "you know i would never do that not in a million years" he said,i looked up at him slowly and nodded "i know but with tour there are millions of girls way prettier then me and i thought you would go for them" i told him "don't ever say that,you are the one for me you beautiful,smart,have a great sense of humour you are perfect in every way" he said,i smiled and my face went bright red.The rest of the night we watched movies and made out.

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