Chapter 4

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Writing from Derek's point of view:


God! I thought to myself, that was beautiful. Did she really feel that way or did she write it just for fun? Well what, ever it was I loved it, each word seemed to come alive. Then this wave came over me I just wanted to hug her. I didn’t know why but I felt like I needed her, I felt as though her touch would save me from this emptiness, but I knew that, that was impossible. She wouldn’t like someone broken, she wouldn’t like someone whose whole life was filled with terrifying nightmares. She wouldn’t like me.

“Really?” She asked, “You actually liked it?”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I like it. It was beautiful. “

“Please don’t patronize me, it’s not that good. I can tell.”

“Why do you think I’m patronizing you?” I replied slightly taken aback “It is really good. Do I have to yell that out at the top of my lungs?”

“No you don’t but it’s not that good.” She said in a low whisper.

“You want to see something?” I asked looking directly into her eyes. God they were beautiful.


“See those stars and the way they burn, they don’t burn for anyone. They burn for themselves, they shine not because the world tells them to but because it’s in them that light. Don’t forget you don’t shine for anyone but yourself and so what if people can’t see that you just have to see it in yourself. No one tells them to burn no one, they just do cause it’s in them.”

“Wow, that was some speech.”

“I know.” I said grinning.”So do you think that that poem you wrote is worth something now?”

“Maybe but I’m not really sure.”

“So do you have a name for it?”

“For the poem right?” she said “not really I’m not that good at naming stuff I write but I think I should name it Her. It may sound lame but I like it.”

Her you say. I like it, it sounds different the simplicity amazes me.”

“Well I’m glad you like it, at least someone likes stuff that’s different.” She said in a tone filled with despair.

“Well who doesn’t like different, different is beautiful.”

“For you but for the others out there, they don’t like different, they don’t like it at all. They like the mundane, and they like having control over what you can or cannot do.”

“It sucks knowing that but I’m here I like different. You’ve got one person on your side at least.”

 "Well at least I do."

She started fumbling with her bracelet. Her hands on her locket that was shaped like a crescent moon. She then took in a deep breath and started speaking.

“Did you ever notice that most people spend their lives listening to what other people tell them to do. Their parents telling them what career to pursue, their peers telling them what’s not cool, society telling them what they can or cannot do. I wonder why they bother to listen, I wouldn’t but then again I never did... It seems so boring you know listening to the others when you can’t even listen to what you have to say.” Sighing she looked out the window again.

“I get what you’re trying to say. I guess it’s cause they don’t have the courage to stand up to them, but even if they did they would remain the same, Mundane. I don’t know how they manage to suck up to people but they seem to like being controlled.”

“You’re not half bad you know, you’re better than half of the people I’ve spent time with. And trust me they had one third of a brain as far as I know.”

“One third of a brain that’s not that bad they have something in their heads you know, even if it seems to be a peanut.”

“Ha! You got that right! But they seem so boring the way they talk. You know the Mundane.”

“So this is interesting.”I said, “We’re actually talking about mundane people. Does talking about them make us mundane by any chance?”I said with great desperation for I wanted to make her smile so fricking bad.

“No I may be partially mundane but that’s how I observe myself. I really don’t know about you.”

“I am not mundane and if you accuse me of being mundane I shall bring you to the gallows and prosecute you!” That was when I saw her laugh not even smile laugh like a real genuine laugh as it echoed around the diner I knew that there was something about her that was still hidden but I had to let it go. Well at least for now.


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