Chapter 5 {Going Home}

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So im packing my suitcase to go visit my parents.Imma stay at my dads place for a week and then another week at my momma place. Tami is in her baggy thursday night outfit and laying down reading gossip magazines.

"When are you coming back Sel?," Tami asked while flipping thru the thin pages.

Finished folding a dress and turn my head to her.

"In 2 weeks why," I softy speak.

"So imma be lonely for 2 damn weeks?!," Tami started to pour up.

"You'll be fine, you always leave me here while you hanging out with your boyfriend," I pointed out.

"Hey! Because hes my boyfriend, its totally different," Tami rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," Were my last words when it went silent.

Zipping close my suitcase and put it near the door.

I put on a old jacket and my black vans to head out.

I glanced over at Tami's bed and saw her framed One Direction autographs I got her hanging on her wall.

"I still cant believe you met them, the way you meet them sounded like a fanfiction...I'm not lying; you had taken a picture with them!," Tami voice sounded so sharp.

"It was nothing, and they were nice that they brought me to the hospital, imagine them leaving me there in the middle of the road...

Tami got pale and swallowed,"Well they didn't"

"7:37," My watch read.

"Well its time for me to leave,"I shoved my hands into my ripped jeans pockets.

"NOOOOO," Tami cried out.

She tackle me down and we both collapsed on the floor.

I tickle her out of me and pushed her.

"I love you," Tami blushed, smiling widely.

I kissed her goodbye ,"Take care my bestfriend"

"You too, have fun with your dad and my mom and take care of your little brother please?," Tami begged.

"I will," I promised.

As I grab the handle of my suitcase,turn the door handle as I waved bye to Tami.

I walked down the hallway with my suitcase rolling behind me till I reach the bus.

*2 hours later*

"We reached to Dallas Texas, please exit safely and have a a wonderful night"....

I woke up from my short nap in the bus and Im already in my hometown, Dallas <3

I walked out of the bus and waited for my dad at the gasoline station that was a block away.

I was pitched dark, like the night I got hit by One Direction..

Hopefully I wont end up in hospital tonight...

I was dressing a longhorn shirt, a black old jacket and some ripped skinny jeans matching with black vans and finishing touch of a loose wavy hair.

A head of 2 lights hurted my eyes and slowly approaching me.

The truck rolled down its window and a head peek out.

"Get in sweetheart," The man smiled.

"DADDY!," I gushed and quickly hop into the truck.

As I shut the door, I quickly give him a bear hug and kissed his cheek.

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