Chapter 13

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"Ow! It's too tight!"

The dress woman sighed. Ellie had been whining about the dress since she first stepped into it. "Where?"

"Around my bust."

Filauria scoffed. "She already adjusted the dress there! Now Ellie are you quite done complaining because if it wasn't for that scowl on your face, you would look beautiful."

Ellie folded her arms ignoring the dress lady's protests. "Yeah right."

"Stay here and when I come back I bet you'll smile."

Ellie scoffed as Filauria left the curtained off room. The dress lady readjusted the dress a bit even though the dress didn't need it. It was a pale green chiffon dress that was gathered at the front. Ellie had to admit that it looked flattering. She turned back to the curtains as Filauria walked in with a smug look on her face as she trailed Damon behind her.

Damon's eyes widened as he took Ellie in. Ellie couldn't but smile shyly at Damon as he grinned widely at her. Filauria danced in victory but Ellie wasn't paying her any attention. Her eyes were on the stunningly attractive blonde German who had just walked into the room.

"You look beautiful Kleine Blau."

Ellie blushed while Filauria pretended to be sick. "Thanks Damon. You really know how to spoil a moment Filauria. We're not as sickly sweet as you and Lian are."

Filauria shrugged. "I just wanted to show off my vomiting skills. I should be an expert by now. Morning sickness is not just limited to the morning, believe me."

Ellie laughed but gave Filauria a sympathetic smile. "Sounds terrible. This is why I don't want children."

"Surely not. I can see you as a mother Ellarian. You would act all tough and mean to everyone except your little band of monsters."

Ellie folded her arms again and raised her eyebrows at Filauria who was giggling to herself. "What makes you think that even if I did have children, I would have more than one?"

Filauria snapped out her daydream. "Oh I just know."

Ellie rolled her eyes and turned back to Damon. "So you're coming as my date right?"

Damon looked shocked for a moment but after looking at Filauria he nodded. Filauria then shooed Damon out of the room so that Ellie could get out of the dress. When Ellie came out again Damon was talking to Filauria. He took Ellie's hand when she approached but continued to listen to Filauria.

"So I want you both at Callanish village on the third because Ellie you're a bridesmaid. You two will be staying in the Leumadair guest house with some other guests. It's going to be a bit of a squeeze because Callanish is a tiny but very cute village right by the stone circle where the wedding will be. Callanish just happens to be a completely populated by supernatural."

"That's great. Now do we have to book our own flights or-"

"Yes. There's not many people going but the flights are pretty cheap. If you drive down to Campbeltown then you can fly from there at about ninety pounds for the pair of you."

Damon hugged Ellie into his side. "That sounds like a plan. Are you sure it's alright I come along?"

"Of course! I'm sure Lian wouldn't mind and you make Ellie happy so therefore you make me happy."

Damon grinned. "If you say so. Come one Ellie let's get home and finish what we started earlier."

"No we need to make sure that Keith filed the report. We also need to make sure they believed it."

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