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"I love you Nathan"


"Do you know any constellations?"

I turned to face Nathan, laying on his arm as we laid outside looking at the stars. He had is right arm around me and I laid on his left.

He looked at me and shook his head "I only know orion's belt"

I looked up "Orion's belt isn't out here yet, only in the winter"

He nodded, I pointed up to a group of stars "That's leo over there"


I chuckled and turned his head to where I was pointing out, he laughed "All I see is a group of stars"

"But it's much more than that" I sighed

He turned to look at me "How so?"

I laid on my back again "That's life, a life that burned out so many years ago and is only just reaching us. All the stars that we see now, most of them are dead at present. Everything dies Nathan, this just reminds us that it keeps going, life keeps going throuout the entirity of space"

He sighed "What else do you know"

I looked up at the stars and searched them, I pointed up there drew out the pattern with my finger

"That's virgo" I looked at him "The virgin"

He looked at me now, both of us were staring at the other. I bit my lip and looked back up "She's meant to represent a shy nature, someone who is born a virgo is thought to be a little naive...The nature of a virgin is that of someone shy and a little naive"

"How do you know so much?" He whispered

I shrugged "My dad used to teach me when I was younger, he taught me what he was taught by my gandad, I used to love just going out into the back garden wrapped in a blanket and sit in the chair with my dad. He used to tell me all about the stars, and he showed me how people see beauty before anything else."

"What do you mean?"

I took a deep breath "Everyone loves the stars, they're the most beautiful thing in the night sky...But behind their beauty is nothing but a hot ball of gas. We live today, ina  word where we dont want to know what's behind the face. We fall in love with the beauty that shows, not with the beauty that someone has within"

He wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head "I guess I just got lucky then"


"Becauae I fell in love with all of you, your beauty outside. And especially your beauty inside" He smiled

I felt my cheeks heat up with a blush, I smiled and looked back at the stars "One day, one generation they won't see the stars as we do, one day it'll all be different"

"I rememberd a constellation!" Nathan suddenly blurted out

I chuckled "What one?"

"The big dipper" He looked in the sky for it

I chuckled "That's not a constellation that's a asterism"

He looked at me and pouted "I was close enough"

I scanned the stars and moved his hand to where the big dipper was "There you go"

He smiled for a minute before it dropped, I looked at him and watched as he brough his arm back down and stared up at the sky.

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