Chapter 7: Engagement or Disaster?

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After my friends bid their cheerios by announcing, they will meet me tomorrow for my Engagement, I decided I should probably take my 'beauty sleep' as Shreya quotes.

These days I have a strong affection for red.

These lines replayed on my mind over and over again. I still can't believe that, I'm going to marry that obnoxious jerk.

May be, Sex is the reason why he's marrying me; but, that doesn't explain anything, he could have more beautiful and hot girls, why is he ruining my life?

I flipped over the other side, facing the wall, It was almost midnight and I have to get up early in the morning.

Ah! Now why am I even thinking about him?

My phone buzzed. Flipping back, I grabbed it and saw I had a new text from an unknown number.

Looking forward to see you in Red! ;) ~J

I raised my eyebrows and stared my phone in awe.

Suddenly, I hated red.

Tossing the phone back in frustration, I sighed in frustration.

I popped my eyes open in shock, when I heard someone banging on my door. Glancing at the alarm clock, I marked it was seven in the morning.

I ran my hand over my frizzy wild hairs and the banging started again, rolling out of the bed, I opened the door.

As soon as the door opened, my mother barged into my room, making me step back.

"Oh! my God, What did I told you about getting up early, look it's seven already!" She scolded me.

I sat back on my bed. Yawning, I ran my hand over my hairs again, which appears to be glowing in the summer morning.

"It's okay Mom, Engagement is in the night, so cool down a bit." I said as I looked at the beautiful morning sunshine. I could really use some tea or coffee right now to stimulate my sleeping brain.

"I need tea, Can you make me some?" I continued meekly.

When the reply didn't came, I moved my head to her, She was glaring me back with a furious expression.

I raised my eyebrows at her.

"Mom?" I called her.

"You know, I'm freaking out right now, it's your Engagement and you want tea?!" She shouted at me, a hint of anger on her face.

"So? People don't stop eating just because they're getting married and Why are you even freaking out? Everything's going to be fine, Mom." I told her, looking into her eyes.

Her expression softened and she stared at me like she's about to cry.

"It's your Engagement and then you'll be married soon, I'm just scared, what if anything goes wrong? I mean..."

"Mom...Nothing will go wrong, Everything will be okay, we're going to be be okay." I said as I stood up and stared at her with a smile.

My mother's eyes were moist, and just looking at her, can make my eyes crinkle but that's not happening because it would make her cry even more.

"Now, come on give me a hug." I said smiling as I hugged her hard.

I felt so safe and nice in these arms, but soon I have to these safe arms.

"When did you got so big?" her soft voice came as she hugged me back.

"Maybe, when you told me I have to start acting like an adult." I said wistfully.

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