SAO coupons (Mabinogi x Sword Art Online ) One shot Lemon

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This was based on a REALLY bad and awesome idea i thought of when I was playing the new event of mabinogi.

Sword Art Online was finally updated in my game and since i've been doing this 'dungeon capture' quest for the event. I noticed this little sucker behind the bank of Dunby.

And that's when My mind gave birth to this monstrosity xD ENJOY!

BTW! before you read this, you MUST listen to the song 'Animal by the cab' while reading ;)) or maybe not. i dunno, that's what im listneing to right now xDD



Ysabel27's P.O.V.

[ Ysabel27 (Ruari/Ch7) (Online) ]

It was a normal day in the world of Erinn. The fading sunset shone faintly against my thames plate helmet, my armor was newly waxed (thanks Ferghus -.-) from another durability fail from.. you know who.

My black graceful greaves creaked slowly as I strolled silently through the streets of Dunbarton, It was a beautiful day... for another ZONE 3 RAIDING DUNGEON~!

"I am sooo spamming Alby dungeon.." I whispered to myself, smirking evily. Well that was why I was here in the first place, I just wanted to look for the Combo Crafter guy and get my assault slash combo card thing.

*bing*   "Hmm?" I seemed to have recieved a message.   From a little friend of mine that I got to know not so long ago.   *Click*   Me: Yea..? Waddya want o-o

???: Dude, how much coupons you got now?? :D i got myself 379 already!

Me: geez, no need to brag.. I still got a few only.. I told you I was busy with other quests!

???: psshh, oh yea? Like flirting with guys behind your husbands back xDD LOLOL

Me: hey! I'm loyal ya know! I stopped flirting AFTER i got married, geezus >:T

???: woa woa, slow down on the angry emoticons :o okay okay, so how much you got now? 0.0

Me: uhm.. still 120 but i gotta give 80 to another friend of mine..

???: oh really? o-o that's low.. HA! okay, so what are ya up to? :D

I swear I lost my shit when that person said that.. I sighed and remembered to ask her about where i should exchange my coupons, i never really remembered where to exchange it.. as I was about to reply I heard a faint voice call.

"H-hey you!"

I turned almost immedietly and drew my beam sword with a satisfying WHOOSH!

 My instincts used for training and war were put to action, my nerves stiffened and my heart stopped as I looked for the person who called out to me.

Holy shit, It's night time already? it's still 6pm! guess Erinn does pass time too fast.

I seemed to have been facing a dark alley just behind the bank of Dunbarton, And it lead towards the church that Kristell was working at. There was a long pause, and the only reply I got was was the cold wind that left me bewildered.

I blinked in confusion, Was I hearing stuff again? mmm..

I placed back my beam by my side, and went back to my normal stance. "Um.." I slowly walked to the dark alley and counted my steps.

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