Changed by the bad boy

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Chapter 2

" so Kass , are you joining us at the movies tonight or what ? " Jen's quick question interrupted the sensational moment I was having with my grilled cheese . Am I always this hungry ?

" Uh , I don't know . You know I don't like third Wheeling. And that 'lovey' thing you and Ashton do makes me sick " I tease.

" Aw come on, it'll be fun. I promise"

And just like that she won me over ,I mean its not like I have anything better to do on a Friday night.

" Alright fine , but you're buying me food "

" Ashton is meeting us at the movie theater at 6 so that means I have 3 hours to take you shopping. Babe you are in urgent need of a new wardrobe . Sweat pants and dino tees can not be worn to school everyday whether you like if or not ! "

" Jen I hate shopping . And honestly my wardrobe is fine. I have no one to impre - "

Before I knew it she was dragging me down the stairs and into her car. All being against my will might I add . I just don't understand why everyday can't be a lazy day.

" Ohmagosh Kass , this would look so cute on you "

My eyes basically bulged out my head when I noticed that she had pulled off every single item of the rack all at once .

" You're crazy if you think I'm going to try on all of those clothes."

" Well ,call me crazy ! " Jen mocked while trowing the heap of clothes on me and pushing me into the dressing room .

"This ought to be a bucket of fun" Jen quickly noted my sarcasm .

" I smell sarcasm "

" Sorry , I thought i sprayed on too much .

I've never seen so many girly clothes in one room and never did I ever think that I would be in that tiny room trying them all on . What has my life come to ? "Jen these are mostly all crop tops,short skirts and high waisted shorts. I can't do this"

"Shut up and show me how you look" She sounds so eager it scares me

I slowly open the dressing room door revealing a not-so-Kass-looking-Kass .

"Kass, baby , you look smoking . You should really show off that body of yours more cause my dear you are Hot ! But wait turn around ."

She turn me around and removes the hair tie that was holding up my blonde curls.

" I'm jealous! Kass you should definitely wear your hair down more " Jen cries

I rarely ever wear my hair down , that's how I know this has gone to far . I suddenly feel irritated

" okay jen , can we go now. I can't wait to get out of these clothes ."

" Oh no sorry princess, but you aren't changing out of anything" She teases ,a devious smile quickly playing on her lips.

" what the hell is that supposed to mean ?"

" You're keeping this on all night until I drop you off. And your going to like it "

My best friend is a monster. She picks up all the other million of clothes she maid me try on earlier and drags me to the register to pay for the clothes in her hands and whats practically sticking to my body . I wanted to leave the store with at least some dighnighty " can I at least have my hair tie back ? " I huff .

Next thing I know ,Jen takes off running . I run after her but I know Im definitely not getting that hair tie back.

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