I fell

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My mind

My inner thoughts

Seems like you've taken over them

But you don't seem to care

I was your angel, the reason you came

But things have changed

You told me you loved me

You told me you cared

Called me beautiful

Said you'd be there

I fell, but you didn't notice

I'm hurt, but you're distracted

I've tried reaching out again,

But you looked right past me

I've made mistakes

i've let you go before

but this time

i wasn't ready

For what you did

I thought it was me

I thought i was yours

I thought you loved me

Little did i know, it wasn't me

My mind

Now in the dark

Is unable to fathom complete emotion.

I'm broken beyond repair

Yet i refuse to be fixed

Because i know that you will

once again

let me fall for you

And you won't be there

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