~~~~~~ Adrian's P.O.V~~~~~~

I woke up on the couch with Nicole sleeping on my chest. Damn she is so beautiful I don't know what I will do without her.

I took out my phone and take a picture of her sleeping she looks like an angel. I kissed her forehead and lifted her head up softly so that I can go to the bathroom.

"No,don't leave." She said grabbing the hem of my shirt.

"Babe I'm not leaving I need to use the bathroom." i said softly pecking her lips.

I walked to her bathroom and did my business then brushed my teeth with the toothbrush I bought yesterday.

I walked out and see Nicole coming up the stairs with a huge smile on her face.

"Why you smiling?" I said

"Cause I didn't notice Maddie and Justin sleeping on the couch together,so I took a pic." She said trying hard not to laugh.

"Show me." she pulled out her phone and showed me the pic of them sleeping.He had his back against the couch with Maddie's back pressed up to him that not even a sheet of paper would fit through.  He had his arms wrapped around her waist and she had hers next to her side. They looked so peaceful, until me and Nicole go scream so they can wake up lol were so mean.

~~Justin's P.O.V~~

I woke up to screaming.

Nah not screaming like if someone was getting murdered but it was quite loud and annoying to be heard in the morning.

It was no other than Nicole and Adrian.

"Wake up lovebirds" Adrian shout.

"You guys look so cute" Nicole shout in a squeaky baby voice.

Wait Love Birds? You guys look so cute?

I opened my eyes and saw that I had my arms wrapped around Maddie she was still sleeping.

Damn she is a heavy sleeper because she didn't wake up when they screamed.

Nicole and Adrian  we're standing right in front of us laughing there ass off and Maddie still wouldn't wake up. I noticed that I still have my arm around her waist.I didn't want to let her go but I had too. I got off of the couch.

"Not a good way to be woken up you know."I said rubbing my eyes.

"Oh sorry bro,but it's time to wake up its like..."he said grabbing his phone.

"2:36pm."he said

"Next time don't interrupt my good pass dreams."maddie said  waking up and glaring at Nicole and Adrain.

"Sorry but we're going to the carnival wanna come." Nicole said.

"Sure I love carnivals."Maddie said excited.

"I'm going to get ready,come with me Nicole!" She said with a huge smile on her face.

"Ugh fine wait for me!"Nicole said running upstairs behind maddie.

"Dude do a fucking move on Maddie,You like her so make her yours."Adrian said.

"I'm not sure she would want to be mine."I said I just don't want to get rejected and loose our friendship.

"I know I felt the same way about me and Nicole  but look at us now,Look you can tell that Maddie likes you."he said maybe he's right.

"Thanks man,I'll see what I'll do today."I said with a smile on my face.

~~~~~~~Maddies P.O.V~~~~~~~

I put on a blue dress with little flowers on it and stops at my knees.

I curled my hair with a curling wand and then Nicole started doing my makeup.

After a while Nicole needed to get ready but she straightened her hair and I did her makeup just the way she likes it not too bright and not too dark.

We walked downstairs and Justin and Adrain were barley walking through the front door with different clothes on. I guess they went to change without is noticing.

"Well you guys look beautiful." Justin said,which made me blush a little.

I walked downstairs fully and we all walked out into Justin's black Ferrari.

"SHOTGUN."Nicole screamed.and Justin in the driver's seat and me and Adrian in the backseat.

during the ride Adrian kept asking me really weird questions like if I want unicorns to exist.

"Maddie do you like Justin?"Here we go a question I didn't want to answer.

"adriiann." I weighed

"c'mon do you trust me I won't tell him I swear."he said I sighed.

"Fine,Yes happy?"I said covering my face.

"Yes very." he said smiling.

I turn and see Justin whisper something in Nicoles ear and she starts laughing. Now my heart broke into a million pieces.Well a least now I now that he likes Nicole and not me.

_:_:_:_:_:_NICOLES P.O.V:_:_:_:_:_:

we're at the carnival already and I noticed that Maddie was very tense.I think she saw Justin whisper in my ear,She might have thought wrong but he was telling he that one day his brothers friend started humping him while he was sleeping because his brother dared him.

I started walking tords her.

"Hey what's wrong." I asked.

"Nothing."she said sternly.

"I know why your like this but it's not what it looks like,Justin was telling me about the time is brother dared his friend to hump on Justin while he was sleeping."I said kinda laughing.

"I'm so so sorry."She said hugging me.

"It's okay now let's go have fun!"She kinda yelled.

**********LATER ON*******

(Maddies P.O.V.)

"Hey let's go on the fares wheel." Nicole squealed.

we went on and we were behind of  Adrian and Nicole while me and Justin were in a different seat.

The ride started moving slowly and before you know it we were almost to the top.

Justin's P.O.V

I looked ahead of us and see Adrain and Nicole Kissing already.

I wanted to kiss Maddie so bad but at the same time I didn't have the guts too.

The moonlight was hitting her face which made her look more beautiful then she already is.


She turned and faced me and without thinking I smashed my lips on her and to surprise she kissed back. she's such a good kisser. The kiss was soft and filled with passion.

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