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Next day

Louis’ POV

I wake up with a thumping head ache, my muscles were aching and I wander what I did last night, I look around and for a moment I panic not knowing where I am then I see the small marble printed cat beside me, Bandit. I pull the blanket off and carefully get out of the bed that smells of Ellen and stand up, dizziness overwhelms me and focuses me to stop and stand for a moment, once I’ve caught my balance I start to walk to the opening that leads into the main room, Ellen is at the island table sitting on a stool, her laptop in front of her as she types incredible fast. She turns to face me, obviously hearing my in some way and smiles.

“How are you feeling?” she asks, I shrug and make my way towards her.

“Like shit.” She smiles and pats the stool beside her before jumping up and walking around the island and reaching up into a cupboard pulling down a small box and sitting it on the counter.

“Take these.” She says placing two tablets in front of me before putting the box back and going to the fridge, getting out a bottle of juice and grabbing a glass. I thank her when she places a glass of orange juice in front of me and I take the tablets. “Guess what?”

“What?” I ask.

“It’s Christmas.” She tells me and I smile.

“Merry Christmas.” I say, she leans over the counter and closes the laptop.

“Can I have a merry Christmas kiss?” she asks puckering her lips, I lean over and meet her lips with mine in a light kiss. “Your mum called wondering where you were, I told her you came here drunk last night, she found it funny.” I smile.

“You looked very pretty yesterday.” She blushes and I can’t stop the memory of yesterday evening coming back, I know for a fact everyone is surprised at the way I am around Ellen, I can’t help it, she is the best thing that has ever happen to me and I’m in love with her. “Come to my house for the day, were having a big lunch and probably dinner.” She smiles.

“Okay, let me go get dressed.” she walks back around the island and towards the bedroom, coming out shortly after dressed in jeans, a black top and a full black Varsity jacket, my jacket hung over her arm as she made her way towards me.

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Four days later

Ellen and I lie on my bed, her lap top on my knees as we watch an Australian show Ellen downloaded so she could still watch it over here, her head on my stomach as we share a pair of earphones, my fingers stroke up and down the small part of her back that her shirt reveals, it’s just past midnight and Ellen and I have been watching the latest series of house husbands for most of the day.

“Ellen, are you still awake?” I wait a moment but she doesn’t reply, I gently pull the earphone from her ear and close her laptop, placing it gently on the floor beside the bed, her arms tighten their grip around me as she stirs slightly, I pull the blanket higher up her body and drape and arm over her waist and close my eyes.

Next morning

Ellen’s POV

I wake up to the light coming though Louis’ window, my arms around him and my head resting on his stomach, I must have fallen asleep, I lean up slightly and look at Louis asleep under me, gently I move up the bed so my head rests on the pillow, he stirs in his sleep and wraps his arms around me, pulling me into his body, my head now on his pillow as he holds me against him. I wrap one arm over his stomach and close my eyes, im not sure if I want to go back to sleep or just wait for him to wake, a few moments later Louis rolls on his side, I open my eyes to meet bright blue ones.

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