Chapter 12. Ariana's P.O.V

Long after we were done talking Jaden had to head home. I didn't want him to leave, but he does have a family that takes care of him. I sit as I watch him leave. I wanted to ask him if he wanted to stay, but I didn't want to sound to clingy. I lay back on my bed and think about our conversation. I always thought my life wasn't fair, because ofmy cancer. I would cry every night, because of it. I close my eyes and try to think of something else, but that's all I could thinks of. I walk over to my desk and pull out my scrapbbok. I made this before I had cancer. I always looked at it so I could tell myself that I was pretty. I open to the first page. It Abby and I. My long long brownish hair and my brown eyes. I looked so beautiful before I had cancer. How could a guy like Jaden want me, but he has already showed me the reason why.

I close the book. I didn't feel like mourning anymore. I head downstair and into the living room where my parents were. They looked at me and I started to cry. Why am I crying so much today?

"Honey what's wrong?" My mom asked me.

"I already told Jaden, but I think my life is unfair. I don't want cancer mom. I don't want to die. I want to live like everyone else who doesn't have cancer. Can I get the operation?" I asked her. She gave me a 'Your serious' look. I nod.

"Honey what if you die during the operation. We just got you enrolled in school. What if you go to school for a couple months and then after a while you could get the operation," she said. I sigh and wipe my tears away.

"Okay. Do you think I could start tomorrow. I know it's Tuesday, but I really want to start." I saw my mom smile.

"My baby girl is growing up and going back to school. Of course you can go tomorrow. I'll call right now. I bet they will probably agree with me," she said. I laugh and head back upstairs. I grab my bag that I bought. It had PewDiePie's brofist on it. I put my supplies inside and zip it up after. I left out a couple notebooks so I could carry them around. I hear my room door open. It was my mom.

"So what did they say?" She gave me an excited look.

"Your going to school tomorrow." I threw my fists in the air and started chanting 'I'm going to school' over and over again. After I was finished I caled Jaden.

Jaden: Hello?

Me: Guess what?!

Jaden: What!

Me: I'm going to school tomorrow!

Jaden: Hey that's when I start. Maybe we could see what classes we have together and maybe if I could do this I could switch all mine to your's so I could be with you all day!

Me: That would be great. Well I have to pick an outfit for tomorrow. I'll see you in the morning. Love you!

Jaden: I love you to Ariana. Always and Forever!

I hung up and walk over to my closet that was filled ith a bunch of my new clothes. I looked for a specific shirt. I saw one that was white with a black wolf on the front. I got that and a pair of red skinny jeans. I picked out a necklace with my name on it and abracelet with a wolf carm on it. I set the outfit on top of my desk chair and picked out a pair of shoes. I had bought a pair of blue vans. I put them by my clothes and the changed into a pair of sweats and a baggy shirt. I lay down and snuggled under the blankets. It was 10 in the evening. I couldn't wait for my first day back to school. I let my eyes close and I drifted into a sleep filled with dreams about school. LOL


I woke to my alarm clock buzzing. I open my eyes and looked to see what time it was. The time read 7:00. I dismissed it and sit up. I rub my eyes and look at my chair. It had my outfit for school. I smile and went and took a quick shower to wash up and to wash my hair. After my chower I dried off and put on a clean pair of undergarments and then my outfit. I grabbed my jacket that had skulls on it and zipped it up. I grab my back and sling it on my shoulder and then I rolled my oxygen tank. I slowly walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. I myself a bowl a cereal which I couldn;t finish since I was so excited. My parents hugged me before I walked out the door. Jaden was waiting for me ont he porch. He was wearing jeans, a blue shirt, and a sweater.

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