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Alfred held his limp hand, clutching it loosely. Tears welled up in his eyes, but he refused to cry. Heroes don't cry, they are stronger than that. Now, the hero sat by his best friend on his death bed, Arthur Kirkland.

The heart moniter beeped steadily, rhythmically, the only sound in the plastered white room. It gave him a small beam of hope. The sun's rays glared through the bleach white curtains, lighting up Arthur's sleeping features. The scary thing was, he didn't know if the poor guy was going to wake up at all.

Arthur was hit by a car due to Alfred's reckless foolishnss, and this was his karma. The guilt was eating his soul from inside him, but he still had to stay strong, for his best pal. Arthur, it'll be okay, I promise...

He could remember it all so clearly, as if it were merely five minutes ago. They had just gotten some ice cream from a town parlor, and Alfred had forgotten to look both ways on a mainly busy street that had seemed to be perfectly quiet. A car came hurdling toward him, unable to screech down on it's brakes in time. Arthur did what any sensible friend would do, and pushed him out of the way, but took the hit for himself. There was internal bleeding in his skull, and he wouldn't last long here. The doctor claimed it as a lost cause, and stopped treatment. He couldn't hear his heartbeat for long.

Suddenly, the heart monitor picked up, and Arthur groaned softly. How was he waking up?! Alfred's eyes widened, looking down at his British friend with sudden strong hope driving through him. Could he really be strong enough to wake up?

Arthur flickered opened his eyes, the emerald orbs dazed and misty from his weakness and blood loss. He gazed over to Alfred, giving a lopsided smile in which he had only tilted the tips of his lips upward. "Hey there, git..." His voice was groggy, as if it was drying and shrivelling up.

The monitor kept beeping, and it was really driving Alfred to smile. He looked down, returning the smile with a toothy grin and thankful eyes. "Arthur... How are you... How are you awake?" He asked, holding his hand tightly.

"I wanted to see you, y'know? Hey, promise me something..." Arthur replied.

"Anything, I promise. What do you need?" Alfred looked intrigued, ready to do anything for his friend. Anything at all.

"Promise me... That when we get out of here... We will be able to go to the park... Hear the birds chirp, and just listen to nature... Okay?" Arthur requested. He wanted to be off of these wires and spend time with his obnoxious, American pal.

"Yes... Yes! I promise you! I'll do anything, just stay with me... I don't want to be alone," Alfred's voice trailed from his usual courageous to utterly silent.

Arthur nodded, his eyes sad. He knew he shouldn't have asked that, he knew he shouldn't have given Alfred false hope. Arthur knew that he would die here, on this very bed. There was no hope for him, the bleeding was lethal in his skull.

Alfred sighed, then let go of the Brit's hand, setting it down on the blanket. "Is there anything else I could do for you? Anything at all...?" He asked.

"My throat is a bit dry," He began, "Could you get some water from the vending machine?" Arthur requested.

"Of course! The hero will come to the rescue!" Alfred smiled cockily and ran out, making Arthur sigh shakily and chuckle. My hero... I got to speak to you one last time... Alfred, I love y--

He felt his heart suddenly cease, and the burning pain spread throughout his entire body. There was no one in the room, no one needed to be. There was no stopping of this. The blood had reached his brain, and was now clogging his heart... Al... fred...

Alfred grabbed the water bottle, whistling. He was suddenly struck with a bad feeling, his blood running cold. He needed to make sure that Arthur was okay. Dashing up the stairs, he sprinted down the hall.

He burst open the door, and the sight caused him to let his mouth drop ajar and drop the water bottle. The monitor ceased, now ringing nonstop with a single sound. The sound of his own suffering. Tears formed in his eyes, and he fell to his knees.

"A-Arthur, why couldn't I be there for you?!" He let the tears slip from the sockets, nothing holding them back anymore. His best friend, the one that he really loved. He couldn't admit it, but he knew it.

He sobbed into his hands, unable to look up. "D-dammit, I couldn't even say that I loved you!" He yelled mostly to himself. The monitor's hope had stopped, and so was his own. "I wanted to go to the park with you, hold you, be with you! I wanted to hear your laugh, see your cute little angry face!"

"Most of all, I just wanted to be by your side... I promised, so why didn't you?"

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