Chapter Thirteen

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With pots on the stove and ingredients all over the kitchen, Xavier was grinning at me in this cute sort of way. Like how a child would look at you and scream 'this is going to be amazing! Just wait and see!' Which made me mentally grin, but on the outside I raised a cautious eyebrow, worried that I would somehow mess up and Xavier would have to fix whatever I did. Perhaps even have to put out a fire that was bound to happen.

It was only three, and apparently this thing took about an hour or so to do. So either we would have dinner early or we would let it keep warm on the stove until everybody was hungry. Xavier began to take the ingredients from the bags and set them all across the counter and I got two knives, because I was pretty sure we would have a whole lot to chop.

I was just looking forward to the seafood.

"You can chop right? You won't cut yourself? Because I want all five fingers around me, not four," Xavier winked, making me force an amused grin down and flash him the bird. I felt a finger run from between my shoulders to the base of my back, making my shoot Xavier a look, before moving forward to get the vegetables. "You'll love this, I swear."

"I believe you. I'm putting your cooking skills to the test though. See how good of a cook you really are," I replied, leaning against the side and watching him smirk. He really was acting like an excitable child.

"I'm great at cooking your insides in arousal," he said, pushing some vegetables over to me. I ignored the quickening of my heart, rolling my eyes instead. "Chop those up into small pieces and put them into his bowl. We pretty much put everything into the pot and let it boil for a quarter of an hour."

I simply nodded and stood to the side, watching him really get into the cooking. I had no idea what to do, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. And I found myself enjoying watching him glide around the kitchen like he was made to cook. After a while, he looked at me and frowned. I grinned and motioned him to carry on.

"But I want to teach you," he said, stopping what he was doing. I snorted and rolled my eyes. Idiot.

"I can still learn while watching what you do." And watching you, I thought, watching him sigh and turn back to his work. I watched his muscles move under his thin shirt as he cut things up and put things in the pot, also eyeing his ass as he walked back and forth. Not long after he had the lid on the pot, insisting that we had to wait fifteen minutes.

I was somewhat relieved that he didn't feel the intense stare on him the whole time, or if he did he hadn't said anything. But instead of sighing in relief, I followed him to the lounge where the angel was sitting next to the demon maturely as Zander slouched on the side with a childish pout. They really were twins.

"How's the food?" Flynn asked from the recliner, sitting Theodore's back against his stomach.

"Delicious," I grinned.

"You haven't even tried it yet," Xavier smirked at me. "Besides, nothing is delicious as you, kitten."

"Angel," I said, getting Saturday's attention, and a not so joyful one from the sulky demon. "What did you do? Decline him of release? Come on, I'll show you to your room. I'm sure Xavier has already shown his brother where he is sleeping."

"In my room," Xavier said, slinging his arm around my waist. I glanced at him before stepping away and taking Saturday's hand.

"Then you'll have the spare room," I said to the white haired man. Saturday nodded obediently, quietly letting me guide him from the room where I could feel Zander's temper rising. I resisted the urge to giggle like a little girl.

I was still trying to think of ways to piss him off. In fact, I'd already plotted a few ideas, but they weren't ready to use. The bonfire was tomorrow night, and we'd have to go get some marshmallows and chocolate and biscuits for smores. There was also the fact that there weren't many days until the weekend, which meant Sunday, which meant going to that warehouse alone.

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