Eun Hye's POV.

His heavy breath ....

His soft back ....

His kisses ....


I covered my mouth and I shocked like mad. Ji Yong is sleeping beside me. I peep inside my blanket and ........ . WHAT HAVE I DONE? I peep Ji Yong's body and he's totally naked. I can read his tattoo obviously : FOREVER YOUNG.

Did both of us make out?

What if I will be pregnant after this?

How's the hell we began yesterday?

Was the sex even great?

I wrapped my body using blanket and walked around Ji Yong. There's Jack Daniells beside him. HE'S DRUNK. And I guess, me too ..... I ran to my room and entered the bathroom. Unwrapped my body. I saw several red scuffs on my neck and breast and my mind blew away.

I took a warm shower and tried to recall everything that went wrong last night. Oppa slept with me last night. I slept with a punk rock star. I tried to make up my mind with that liberal thoughts but I wasn't able to. He took the precious thing from me. And the worst thing was I DON'T EVEN ENJOY IT. I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I DID ENJOY IT.

How am I suppose to see his face?

I was dreaming for a normal love story.

But this is way too far.

I am not ready for becoming a mother right now.

I made love with an androgyny.

I sit on my bed and rub the whole body. What have I done to my life? This Korea life. Can't even think clearer, I choose to continue my sleep. Painful butt, painful back, painful hip.

Ji Yong's POV.

"Mmm.. ?"

Where is she? Where did she go? Ahh... EH?! I'm totally naked. Gosh, what have I done last night? Several sexy scenes play inside my head. Did both of us ................ ? Where's my boxer?

I jumped from my bed and reached my boxer and got out of my room. Where's she?

I opened her room and I could see her tiny feet peeping from her blanket.

I slept beside her and snuggled inside the blanket. She's hiding like a turtle.

"Baby ...", I called.

She covered her face using her palms. I tried to take away her hands.

"You sleep well? You left me for bath alone..."

She's still covering her face. But I can see her smile. That beautiful curve.

I smiled and moved nearer to her and hugged her. Kissing her bangs and hugging her like there will be no tomorrow.

"I love you, Eun Hye. You have to deliver a baby girl for me if that time has arrived..", I whispered.

She's still covering her face.

"Jagiya [honey..], don't cover your face please? I know you are smiling ....", I teased.

She removed her hands and looked straight to my eyes.

Eun Hye's POV.

His lazy eyes.

His wide smile.

His messy hair.

Ji Yong's POV.

Her big eyes.

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