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This imagine is for @yougotabaeornah__ who is a great friend btw. Ok well anyway this one is for you Nancy.😊😘

* * * *

Nancy's POV

Ok so today was mine and Nash's 5 year anniversary. Nash was going to take me on a surprise date and he told me to be ready by 3:30 and it was 2:00 so I only have an hour and a half to get ready. So I just decided that I take a shower and then wore my favorite outfit. It was this mint green crop top that had the infinity sign with the word "love" in it, my black skater skirt, and my teal vans. This was my favorite outfit because this was the outfit I wore on my first date with Nash.😊 After my shower and I got dressed and it was already 3:00 so I decided to put some lip gloss on, I never really liked makeup so I didn't put any on. It was already 3:15 so I just decided to go on twitter for a little bit.

Nash's POV

So today was mine and Nancy's 5 year anniversary and I decided to surprise her with a picnic at the park (which btw was our first date). I thought it might remind her that I still love her as much as I did that day.😊

Nancy's POV

I was scrolling through twitter when I noticed a tweet Nash did "@nashgrier About to pick up my beautiful girlfriend for our 5 year anniversary date #5yearsofNashy 😊" (Nash+Nancy=Nashy) I thought that was cute that he tweeted about our date.😊 5 minutes later I hear the doorbell ring and so I run downstairs. I open the door and I see a huge bouquet of red, pink, and white roses with a handsome Nash Grier behind them.

"Awww Nash, you didn't have to buy me flowers."

"Anything for my sushine" He said making me blush.

I took the flowers and gave him a big kiss. After we parted he smiled his perfect smile and led me to his car.

*At the park*

So Nash made me put a blindfold on because he didn't want to spoil the surprise. So Nash helps me out of the car and then helps me walk to this spot and takes my blindfold off. I see that there is a red checkered blanket which also has a basket full of my favorite food.

"Wait Nash?....."


"Isn't this...."

"Yup!!😊 I'm reenacting our first date."

*After about 2 hours*

"Well Nash this was so romantic of you😊"

"Well the romance continues..."

"What are you talking about?" I saw looking at him confused.

"C'mon let's go back to your house." He says pulling me up.

*At Nancy's house*

"Ok now what is all...." I was cut off by Nash crashing his lips into mine.

Once me and Nash parted I noticed that we were in my room...although I didn't notice that we moved at all. I guess I got so caught up in the moment I didn't even notice.

"Let's make this night unforgettable." He said smirking at me.

He then kissed me again but this kiss was different than the usual, it was a lot more.....passionate and meaningful. I didn't want that moment to end.

But he pulled away and looked me in the eyes "You know I love you more than anything right."

"Of course I do Nash.....You know that I love you more than I love life itself right?"

"Yeah I do. So that means that you trust me?"

"Of course!"

"Good because I've been waiting to do this for the longest time." He said before kissing me slowly and passionately.

You could feel the intensity in the air, the tension between our two bodies. In that moment I could tell that Nash and I......we were meant to be together.

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