Author Note: Informing you About updates. Also, Thank you.

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Hello guys. I know I got a lot of theses on here but I got some info for you guys. I am going back to school on August 25. I am also am taking a harder class that's helps you get ready for collage. Also taking a zero period to fit more classes in. So I going to be pack. I am going to update at least 2 or 3 time's a month. So please be patient with me with updates. I know I'm not the best but I'm trying.

I have an friend on here that do fairy tail fan fiction of fairy tail and some of his own creation. He also, goes to school with me. His name is recon64. Here some of his stories names:

Fairy Tail fanfic the mage with two arts.

The last human.

So if want go check him out. I am also go to start a story with him. Starting this month or next month

Also on October 4 or 5, 2014 I be publishing 3 new stories. I am waiting then so I could focus getting few chapters done before updating them. One is about Ghost hunt. The name of this story is Will I Lose You? (Mia x Naru). Second one is Attack on Titan. The name of this story is Emotionless Love (Levi x reader. Modern AU). The third one is a creepypasta. The name for this story is Killer High School (Jeff the killer x reader). So these three new stories will be up in the future.

Hey I said thanks once before but here's another one. Hey reader's let me tell you a story.

One day I was hang out with one of my friends. She was reading my fan fiction I wrote. I also, told her about wattpad. So she's playing with my phone and she had my stories also. After fifteen minutes to thirty minutes she finally gave them back to me. She told me "Good luck and have fun". I gave her a confused look. I didn't know she put two of my story's up. This one and How Life be Without You (NaLu). I didn't know until I got you guys voting and commenting on here to update. I froze and was scared. But I updated still.

That's leaves us where we are today. I would have took theses stores of out of fear that I would get rude comments. But I never did happened. So readers I thank you for reading my stories. I am really am glad I found wattpad and I have Nalu to thanks because without it I would never had found this site. So thank you. You guys are like big group of friends on here. So thank you for all your support.

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