Chapter 6 - Unwanted Company

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We stand up and wait for somebody to show up. The voices get clearer and clearer and Hannah inches closer to me, standing behind me and holding on to my arm.

Something about this was pleasing me a lot, cause I felt protective over her... even though I was freaking out.

After a while we see 3 figures coming in our direction: 2 boys and a girl.

"Isn't that Amy Pears down there?" Hannah whispers in my ear. And she was right, it was Amy Pears. But what freaked me out the most was that she was holding arms with Liam Payne.

He wasn't necessarily my best friend. Quite the opposite to be honest, he hated my guts and I didn't like him either, but I had a reason to and he didn't: he has beaten me up quite a few times now and as made fun of me whenever he could.

He was my bully. I don't actually like to say that but that was the reality I was leaving in and I was being bullied by Liam Payne. And by the look on his face, he wasn't to pleased to see me.

In the other side of Amy was Louis Tomlinson. I owe a lot to this guy. He was Liam's best friend, but he would always have my back whenever Liam tried to hit me. Bad thing was: he was never around when Liam bullied me.

"Oh look who's here!" Liam said sarcastically. "If it isn't my dear irish friend." He got really close to me and I thought I was about to get beaten up in front of Hannah.


"I was just... Never mind..."

Shit Beth! You just ruined the whole thing...

"You know you're gonna have to tell me right? Might as well say it now." He stopped. My back was turned to him and we were a few steps apart from each other.

"Ok fuck this I was thinking about you and Lara." He sighs in frustration. I know he didn't like to talk about this.

"What about us?" He asked looking directly into my eyes. I was scared now, but I had to say it otherwise I was gonna explode.

"You two were dating, you broke up for no apparent reason and we just had sex in the piano room. It just doesn't make sense in my head and I'm sorry." I throw my arms up and let them fall to my sides.

Harry is static. He just looks at me emotionless so I don't know what to expect from him. Is he mad?

"What doesn't make sense? Me and Lara dated..."

"For 2 God damn years!" I say a little bit louder than I expected.

"Who cares? We could have dated for 5 years now. I don't love her anymore..."

"Are you sure? Look at me in the eyes and tell me you don't have feelings for her anymore." I walk towards him and stand really close to him hoping he would say it at any moment. He remained silent. "That's what I thought." And I walk away.

I hear his boots knocking on the ground behind me and feel him grabbing my wrist and turning me around. His lips crash onto mine and our tongues play inside our mouths. He cups my face with his hands when he backs away.

"I don't have feelings for Lara."


"This is so awesome. Thanks Zayn..." She says with a shy smile and looks back at me.

"No problem..." I reach for my backpack and take a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. I open up the window and sit on it's edge. I place one cigarette in my mouth and light it up, taking a drag out of it, the smoke burning my lungs. I feel Lara's eyes on me and wonder if the fact that I was smoking bothers her.

"You don't look like somebody that smokes." She points out. Although she doesn't seem bothered by it I have to be sure.

"Do you want me to put it out? Cause if you're not comfortable by me smoking I can always-" She walks towards me and places her forefinger in front of my lips shushing me.

"You didn't hear me complain, did you?" She asks, her free hand running along my arm and reaching for the cigarette snatching it out of my hand.

She takes it to her lips and sucks in a little bit of smoke inside her mouth. She places her finger on my chin forcing my mouth to open and blows off the smoke inside my mouth.

Fuck that was hot.

I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her closer to me, immediately placing my lips on her neck kissing her. She gasps with surprise, but chuckles right after that.

"Eager are we, baby boy?" I growl with the use of her words and suck harder on her skin making her moan on my arms.

She lifts my face up and place her lips on mine. Her hands tug on my hair and I lift her upon my waist where she wraps her legs. I sit on the ground with her on top of me and run my hands on her back, needy for her.

My shirt was the only thing avoiding our skin to touch so I push it over my head. She stares at my tattoos and I smirk. She looks back at me and bites her lip before bringing her lips to my jaw line and neck while her hands unbutton my trousers.


I didn't mean to beat him up or anything, just picking on him a little in front of this girl that was holding his arm so tight I thought she was going to detach it from him.

"Liam..." Louis sighs behind me.

"Leave the kid alone what the hell did he do to you anyway?" Any tells me off.

"Are you both gonna shut the fuck up? You look like a fucking couple! Shag each other and get off my fucking back!" I snap, my voice echoing in the hallway.

I look back at Niall and he is frowning at me. Let's see what he'll do if I mess with his little girlfriend.

"Hey beautiful." I say stroking her small and scared frame. "Don't need to be afraid, I won't bite you... Only if you ask me to." I wink at her and her breath itches loud. She's definitely a virgin.

"Leave her alone." The irish boy tells me. His brave attitude before me amazed me but also pissed me off. Who the fuck does he think he is telling me to do whatever it was?

"Is it bothering you?" I ask turning to him, but feel a hand on my shoulder pushing me back.

"Enough Liam, let's just leave okay? Calm down dude." Louis tells me. I was a little apprehensive at first but ended up giving in. I don't have time to be here, I have shit to do.

"You can't leave." The girl behind Niall tells us.

"Why not?" Amy asks.

"Yeah the door is locked. We tried to open it plenty of times and it didn't so we're pretty much stuck inside school." Niall explains.

"What the hell? Have you called anyone yet?" Louis asks. I'm pretty much freaking out right now.

"Our phones are dead. Check yours."

I take my phone from my pocket and try to connect it but it doesn't. I take the battery out of it, place it in there again, try to turn it on and it still doesn't. Fuck... I'm stuck in school with these morons...

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