Chapter 16 pt 1

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Ashley's POV

(Time skip to wedding)

I wake up in Louise's house getting rushed out of bed because it was my wedding

I was being shoved into my dress getting my hair done it felt like 20 things are happening to my hair ughhh I never thought my wedding day would be sooooo stressful

Mitch's POV

I walk out of the bathroom with a red checkered hoodie,some black pants and dress shoes on.

Jerome walks up to me and hugs me tightly

Jerome:it's ok bud this is the hard part


(Time skip to ceremony)

(Third person)

Ashley gets ready not knowing who is going to give her away.she sits down as she waits for the director to address her.

As the director comes Connor mitches little brother came.

Ash:Connor what are you supposed to be with Mitch

Connor:change of plans I'm giving you away

Ashley's eyes start watering with happiness

Director:well Tara you go first then you Louise then you Annie then alesa then finally Connor and Ashley

Ash:*breaths heavily*

(Skip to you may kiss the bride because I don't know what people say at weddings)

Priest:I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride

Before they kiss the girls strip down their dresses but they had clothes underneath it looked like their minecraft skin

Mitch and Ashley finally kiss like as in like they were the only two people in the world mitch pulls Ashley in by her waist and presses his lips against hers and starts leaning over her and Ashley starts bending her back.

Jerome walks over to Louise and kisses her same with Adam and Alesa and quinton and Annie and Tara bends down to give her brother in law Connor a great big hug.

Jason and ty turned to each other and gave each other a huge man hug.

As they walk off the music starts playing the hunger games song and killin it mixed together.

(Time skip to dinner)


Ash:these meatballs are so good

Tara:I know it reminds me of England

Ash:aaahhhh the good ol days

Alesa:Adam love your lil medallion from your minecraft skin it's so detailed

Adam:same here with you

Louse:please tell me that hair on jeromes face is artificial.

Jerome:don't worry babe it's artificial.

(Time skip to first dance)

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