Park misshap

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When ..... About 30 girl saw us and screamed a number if things . We all froze then thaa' girls started running at us soo.. We turned around and ran .

Steven: heey guys over here .

We ran two were he said and we got away for now I guess me went back to thaa' house and we were playing triple dog dare and then meia phone rang .. She got up and walked out of thaa' room and I heard her scream . So I got up and ran to her when I got to her she was on thaa' ground crying and shaking her head yelling no ..

Me: what's going on ??

Meia: my boyfriend just left me for another girl and on top of that my friend just died ..

Me: he is shitty you don't need him and awh my god I'm so sorry ..

Meia: I still have you right ? Are you gonna leave me?

Me: no never meia .

Meia: thanks bruhh I luhh chuu

Me: *laughs* I luhh chuu too

We walked back into thaa' living room and said wanna do something crazyyyy ? And steven said yes and Yulema said she was gonna go to bed instead. We all got into our swim suit and had a little pool party with us three . Keep in mind it's 2:50 in thaa' morning . So we swam for about three hours . Then went home meia crashed on thaa' couch and me and steven were in my room and it was getting hottt .... Stevens hands were on my thighs and mine were playing with his belt buckle and he started to take my top off and I let him .. Then next was his .. Then his pants .. Then .. Both if our underwear . I stopped and asked of he gap protection and he laughed and said yes and then he put it on and well we made love .. Thaa' next morning I woke up with Stevens arms around me and I slowly got out of his grip .. And took a shower and went to thaa' living room and both thaa' girls laughed ...

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