Louise's P.O.V

I woke up in a pitch black room. The door opened and light shined throughout the room, blinding me in the process. "Finally you're awake." A very attractive man said pulling me off the floor.

"Um....who are you and where are we going." I said admiring the paintings along the wall of the decent house. "Just keep doing what you're doing and everything will be ok" he replied. "Wait what am I doing" I asked confused. By that time I didn't notice we had came to what looked like a living room. Everyone was there Niall, Louis, Nathan, .....And Jasmine? I think I'm starting to see once AGAIN why Niall broke up with her. The man sat me on the sofa softly...well that was nice of him.

"Thank you Thomas, that's all I needed." Jasmine spoke to the man whose name was apparently Thomas. "Jasmine can you answer one question please? " I asked nicely. "You just did...but I'll give you another since you asked nicely." she replied.

"Why do you want revenge on all of us? I mead i get why you want it on me and Niall, but why are my brothers here.?" I asked confused. I could have swore out of the corner of my eye I saw Louis and Nathan freeze. Do they know something I don't...?

*Nathan is 21, Niall, Louise, and Louis are 16 by the way Im going to switch P.O.V a lot so beware*

Nathan's P.O.V

I am finally 21, I want to live my life and I can officially! Im going to Ireland and trusting my brother, Louis with our house. I would have both of my siblings do it but Louise refused to live with us till she turned 21. I packed up my bags and said goodbye to Louis and headed for the airport.

*skipping security*

I found my seat ok..and I was right next to this girl whose name was Savannah who lived in the U.S but as visiting her grandmother. She was nice and we kept in touch when we got off the plane.

Louis' P.O.V

I don't care if it was wrong I wanted to go but Nathan wouldn't let me, so I followed him to Ireland. The plane ride was boring as most are.

Back to Nathan's P.O.V

*Later that day*

I wanted to go out clubbing with my buds so we did. We went to this club called 'The drunken Irishmen' . I liked the outside but I liked the inside way better. I met this girl name Jasmine and me had went back to her house and had some "fun". The next day I left the next day no matter how drunk I was. When I got back to the hotel Louis was sitting on the bed....

Jasmine's P.O.V

He left me, Nathan left ME! I call Niall up and ask him to come over. Once he gets here I just let it all go. I end up with my best friend being my boyfriend..but not for long.

*The Next Day aka. Nathan's FAKE death day*

I wanted revenge, Nathan was an a** and he was going to pay the ultimate price..Death. We walk to his hotel room and the ultimate showdown was about to go down.

Niall's P.O.V

*BOOM* that was the last sound I heard before Nathan hit the ground. I look at his body with guilt in my eyes.

"Good baby now hand over the gun." Jasmine wispered in my ear seductively.

"No, we are done incase you didn't figure it out." I said firmly turning around to come face to face with Louis.

"Why, huh just why? He didnt do anything to you, Irish boy!" Louis said with tears starting to form in his eyes. "I will avenge my friend Nathan you didnt get away if thats what you thought. he may or may not be dead Nial but, either way I will get my revenge Niall!" With that he left.

Nathan's P.O.V

While Louis was yelling at Niall and no o was looking I snuck away packed my bags, called Savannah, and left before anyone knew I was still alive..... 


Well thats how it happend! Thank you all! For reading this book that has reached 1K reads! Yay! I was happy with 16 and look at me now! Again thanks and if you didnt read the authors note in the last chapter please do. Love all you funky carrots so...


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