"Um Joe.." I trailed off awkwardly.

"Yes my cherry love of my life apple pie?" He responded looking up at me. Creepy. "Um I killed your ex, she just happened to jump into my fireplace." I lied. I actually shoved her in my fire place, along with everything i owned.

"Okay." He shrugged eating a piece of his apple. "Can I have a piece?" I asked, obviously because i was hungry. "A piece of me?" He asked, shoving everything off his desk including the computer. "No the apple." I stated the obvious.

"Oh." He grumbled picking his stuff up from the floor.

"Yeah.. by the way I may have downloaded kim kardashian hollywod, And spent one hundred bucks on energy." I smiled sweetly.

"KARDASHIAN?! Where?!" He growled ferociously, his suit turning into a caveman costume. "Over there!" I pointed to a book shelf, juust to see what'd he do.

Joe leaped over his desk and pulled a sledgehammer out of his pocket, and started banging it against that poor book shelf.

"Ow!" Oh em gee the book shelf turned into Kim Kardashian.

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