Neglected (Haruka x Reader)

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"Haruuuuu, please come out of the bathtub..." You begged and pouted, while standing behind the doorway to his bathroom.

The boy slightly turns his head, but moves it back to focusing on the dolphin floating in the water. You groaned and walked into his bedroom; jumping onto his bed and covering yourself with his sheets. 

After five minutes have passed, Haru finally came out of the bathtub and saw you laying in the blanket like a cuddled up burrito. He smiled and crept up onto the bed and hugged your wrapped up body.

"Go away, I'm mad at you." You pouted, not even looking into his deep sea blue eyes. 

You heard a light chuckle come from the male as he sits you up and takes off the blanket.

"Are you feeling neglected, (First Name)?" He teases as he grabs a lock of your hair and rubs it between his fingers. "I'm sorry."

You scoffed, crossing your arms and turned away. You knew he constantly went into the bathtub, just so you could act all pouty and stubborn. He thought it was cute whenever you acted like this, but he felt guilty for making you upset.

Haru suddenly pins you on your back against the mattress, hovering over you with a small grin on his face.

"W-what are you doing, Haru!?" A blush form on your face, you tried your best to not have any dirty thoughts, since you were trying to act upset at him.

He leans down to your ear and you could feel the heat radiating from his breath. You squirmed until he finally spoke up.

"Either strip or get into your bikini." And with that he gets off of you and sits on the side of the bed.

"WH-WHAT?!" You stammered, trying to cover your hot cheeks with your hands.

You got off the bed and did what he said, however you didn't strip, you weren't going to give it easily to him. You got into your bikini and crossed your arms as you stood in front of him.

"There, happy?" You huffed, until Haru scoops you in his arms and led you into the bathroom. "H-Haru?!"

He gets into the bathtub with you still in his arms. He comfortably places you in between his legs, with you back pressed against his chest and hugs you tightly, with his neck on you shoulder.

"Now I am. I love you, (First Name)." He presses a kiss on the back on your head and tighten his embrace on you.

Your face heats up, heart beating faster. You knew you couldn't help but smile, you couldn't stay mad at him. He always knew how to make it up to you and made you smile.

"I love you too, Haru."


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