Wedding with carter reynolds

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Your POV

Me and carter were sitting on the couch watching TV and we were just playing aroind on the couch throwing food and feeding food to eachother it was magical. I was at my house and my parents were on a buisness trip and they did meet Carter my dad doesnt like him but my mom thinks we are alright.

"y/n can we go out tonight" "sure babe where do you want to go" "i dont know babe you pick" "umm i know this fancy restuaraunt if you wanna go" "sure babe anything im starving"  we drove to that fancy restauraunt and we went inside the waiter took our order i was super hungry carter was sitting just staring at me "What?" "oh nothing babe your just really beautiful" "Aww thnx babe" he went in for a kiss and i kissed him we went back to my place and he seemed kinda blushy

Carters POV

i was so nervous today was the day i propose to y/n i cant wait i have her whole family here "y/n i really love you and i wanna spend the rest of my life with you" i kneeled down "carter what are you doing" "will you marry me y/n" "OH MY GOSH CARTER YESS A MILLION TIMES YESS I LOVE U SO MUCH CARTER" "I LOVE YOU TO Y/N" i was going to my batchlore party but i dont know because Aaron, Nash, Brent, Taylor, Hayes, and Shawn are pretty crazy Jack and jack are going to y/n batcherlorette party they are such girls

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