Chapter 3: Student work Versus the Detctives work.

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   Luna got the list of Jade's suggestion but she is not satisfied on it. " Thats it? You know, this 20 person that you gave me are worthless bitches. They don't give me guts you know. Even threathened!" Luna said. " Well thats only my suggestion-" Luna cut Jade of and said " Parker! This shit is real life and you can't just give suggestions like that. Ok sorry for my words I am.......I......I 'm -" Luna felt a head ache and it alrms Jade very much " Lu....Luna? Dude are you fine? Dude I didn't mean this huh? Dude. Dude ! Hey are you fine? " Luna said " I am fine just a head ache please check the coffee." " Shit! Sleeping drug this is harmful I think you must not fight it nack or you will not remember my name!" Jade said with nervousness in her voice and Luna slept soundly in her office.

In school

  Luna walked on Jade and John's table in the cafeteria." Hey guys! Did I miss something?" Luna said. " WOW! YOU LOOK TIRED HUH?Here drink this coffee it will make you feel alive." Jade said. " So you will kill me?" Luna said and all of them laughed. " You know Luna you looked like a trash." John said and laugh by his own but Jade and Luna only looked at him intently. " What?" said John. "Considering that I am going to kill you!" Luna said and chase him around the school. Sooner the bell rang.

   The class start and the teacher announce a school work. " Ok guys! I am going to divide you into four groups. The leaders are Zoe,Victoria,Ysha and Luna. Leaders pick a group member you want." Ms. Erasmo said. " Hipsters rule. As always." Jade said. ,Zoe started to pick her group mates " I want, John,Alea,Elle,Alison and Jannah." she said. Everyone gasp because she picked the most intelligent in all of them.Next is Ysha. " I want Cesca ,Patricia,Beatrice,Mary and Vanessa." She said. Now its Victorias turn " I want Angel,Alexis,Cynaid ,MaryKris and Terri." She said . Its now Luna s turn and the last five are now quietly obvoius. Her team mate are Jade,Kian,Patrick,Narissa and Nathalie. Everyone are part of her team in the gig so they are happy.

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