Alec and Magnus sat at the bar, Magnus twirling a mini umbrella in a fizzy turquoise drink. Alec noticed the way the white button down that Magnus was wearing brought out the colour in his cat eyes.

"Take a picture it will last longer," Magnus said, the side of his mouth quirking into a smile.

"I would, but Jace, ah-" he sipped from his gin and tonic. He didn't trust the drinks that Magnus drank, or anything that the warlocks and downworlders, drank for that matter. He remembered how Simon turned into a rat and shuddered.

"-he destroyed my phone."

Magnus rolled his eyes and sighed exasperatedly. "Figures, for a Herondale. Jace just can't be controlled, can he? Never mind a photo, then, I can make sure you remember me..." He snaked his hands behind Alec's neck and stared into his blue eyes. Black hair and blue eyes were his favourite combination, and Alec was no exception.

Alec closed his eyes, and ran his hands through Mangus' black-blue hair, getting a handful of glitter. "I like the glitter, but this seems a bit excessive."

Magnus shook his hair, making it rain glitter, and laughed. "I suppose, but you can never have too much glitter."

The side of his mouth quirked up and he looked around. "It seems that everyone is busy with themselves. I did want to talk to Clary tonight, but I don't see her anywhere..." He ran a finger down Alec's arm, and looked back up into his eyes.

"... Let's say we continue this conversation, at my apartment?"

Alec stood up and grabbed Magnus' hand, leading him out of the club.

"You're not a mind-reader are you?"


Simon and Isabelle sat in the corner of a booth, Isabelle sipping her martini as Simon looked around.

"I remember coming here before, I think," Simon said, his brows furrowing.

Isabelle looked across from him and gripped his hand. "Really? What do you remember?"

"I think I came here with Clary, she was really scared and then we left." he said it like it was a question. "I'm not sure, maybe the drinks are getting to me."

Isabelle looked at him warily. There were dark rings under his eyes, and he always looked nervous ever since he came into the institute. Their relationship wasn't at it's best. He was always with her, but she couldn't help but wonder if he really wanted to be with her. She held his hand and looked into his eyes.

"Simon," she said, her eyes growing watery. Don't cry, don't cry, she thought. "If you don't want all this-" she gestured around the room. "-if you don't want me, please tell me. You look so sad and tired all the time and I just want you to be happy. Just tell me what ou want."

Simon looked up at her and pushed a stand of her hair behind her ear. He cupped her face with her hands, and kissed her. "I want you, Isabelle. Don't you ever think that I don't want you. I love you Isabelle. I remember that I loved you before my memory got taken and I love you now. I never forgot that I love you. I always will."

"Simon-" Isabelle started, but Simon cut her off with a kiss. "I want this to work, Isabelle, I want us. I want both I us to be happy."

She looked into his eyes and she saw him, for who he really was. He was her Simon, not just someone who lost their memory. She sighed as Simon pressed her into his chest.

"Me too."


Jace stood in the middle of the dance floor waiting for Clary. It had 20 minutes since she had left to get a drink, which seemed like a really long time to get a drink. He had a feeling in his gut that something wasn't right. He had a sort of sixth sense when it came to Clary.

He pushed through the crowd, elbowing and shoving to get through, ignoring the rude comments the people around him said to him. He looked for a familiar head of red hair, but he couldn't see anything past the crowd. He made a bee line for the bar and saw that Clary wasn't there. He silently took out his seraph blade and walked up to the bar tender.

"What'll it be?" the bartender asked, raising his eyebrows at the sight of Jace.

"Nothing that is here," Jace said, looking around. "A short girl with red hair and possibly walking with a limp was supposedly here. Have you seen her?"

Something flickered in the bartenders expression, but he regained his composure. "Lad, you just described about a hundred girls. But no, none of that description have been here."

"You're lying," Jace said, narrowing his eyes and leaning over the counter. "This is important, tell me what you know now." He gripped the seraph tighter.

"I will not disobey my master," the bartender said his voice changing into a gutteral, raspy voice. His eyes bulged out of his head and his mouth opened, revealing hundreds of teeth like needles, and a tongue like a snake. He lunged across the counter, talons out, to grab Jace.

"Demon," Jace said through gritted teeth. He cursed and dodged out of the way, whispering an angel's name to light up his seraph blade. The demon crawled over the counter and lunged at Jace's head. Jace lifted his blade and made a swift arc over his head, slicing the demon's head off. It let out a final cry before it exploded into ash and blood all over Jace.

"My new shirt too," he grumbled and jumped over the counter, wiping his blade off as he did. He walked over to a door that said EMPLOYEES ONLY, and tried the lock, but it didn't open. He took out his steele and drew an opening rune on the door. It flung open, revealing darkness. Taking out his witchlight, he walked in, cursing himself for not drawing a silence rune on him before.

"Clary?" He whispered, shining the witchlight over the room. Nothing. He walked farther into the room, stopping as he stepped in a puddle of something. He frowned and shone the witchlight at his feet. There was scraggly writing written in blood above where he was standing.


Jace staggered back hitting his head against the wall. He now knew what he was standing in.

It was Clary's blood.


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