Dear Tris,

It's me, Chrisina.

Tobias passed out while he was writing something. I think it was a letter to you. I didn't read it, but I don't think he'll mind if I write one to you.

It actually feels nice to talk to you. Well not literally, but it's comforting. I can see why he writes to you.

I miss you, my best friend. I miss Will, Uriah, Lynn, everyone.

I have lost so many people. Too many. It hurts so much, Tris. I just want to stop hurting for a moment.

But I know I won't. This pain will be with me forever, but I know I can ease it with time.

I know some days will suck, but there will also be days that will be better, that won't suck.

I'm living for the days that don't suck. I'm waiting for the right moment to tell him this.

Tobias just woke up, I better grab him some water. Watch over him, okay? For me, and him. He could use the help.



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